Vestas Sit-in: Mark Stringer Talks About His Experiences Occupying The Inside (podcast)

Having been one of the people in the Vestas sit-in, Mark Stringer gives his thoughts.

At the Friday night rally, Mark Stringer stood up to tell the crowd about why he got involved with the sit-in.

He said he felt he had no option as he the chances of him getting another job on the Island were “all but zero.”

Conditions inside are “adequate”
The crowd heard that the conditions inside are “adequate,” with water, toilets and sinks to wash in.

He described an atmosphere of solidarity and when there are problems, they “all sit down and talk them through together.”

He thanked everyone for their support and praise the police for their professionalism.

“Morale is very high”
Morale is very high inside, but continued support from those outside is need to keep it at those levels.

The clear message – those taking part in the sit-in are planning to stay.

At the end of Mark’s presentation, it came to light that Paddy Weir, the plants manager, was outside at the front door and an appeal was made to him to provide a hot meal to those inside.

Have a listen …

Saturday, 25th July, 2009 7:26pm



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