12 months leave granted for Councillor due to ill health

Voting against the extended leave, Cllr Brodie said, “We’re not doing a job, we’re elected to represent people. When you have a significant illness, are you really up to it?”

Empty seat

An Isle of Wight councillor has been granted a leave of absence until March next year, due to ill health.

Cllr Michael Murwill represents the Brading, St Helens and Bembridge ward alongside Cllr Brian Tyndall — the Island’s only ward with two representatives.

Due to ill health, Cllr Murwill (pictured) has been unable to Cllr Murwill attend council meetings since 13th March.

Council policy is that any member who fails to attend a meeting for six months, without prior permission, will cease to be a member.

At a full council meeting on Wednesday (24th July), councillors voted to grant Cllr Murwill an extra six months’ leave from 12th September.

Brodie: “We’re not doing a job, we’re elected to represent”
Some opposition councillors questioned whether it was fair on his ward residents to go without representation for that length of time.

Cllr Geoff Brodie said:

“We are not doing a job, we are elected to represent people. When you have a significant illness, are you really up to it?

“I don’t want to know what the illness is, I have no interest in that whatsoever. He has my absolute sympathy if he is seriously ill.

“I just think this is not about a job, this is about representation of the people.”

He said there was a reason why there was a six month limit for extended leave, and asked for the decision to come back to council in September for consideration.

Tyndall: No complaints from residents
Cllr Tyndall said his ward was still being properly represented and there had been no complaints about Cllr Murwill’s absence.

Cllr Dave Stewart, leader of the council, said he had been in contact with Cllr Murwill, and had been specifically asked not to share details of his illness.

He said Cllr Murwill was still able to work in some capacity but had to manage his illness.

Further extension not expected
Cllr Stewart said he did not expect to ask the council to grant another extension.

A vote to grant Cllr Murwill the extended leave was approved by 34 votes to two.

Cllrs Geoff Brodie and Reg Barry voted against it.

Image: kk under CC BY 2.0

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Being unwell can happen to anyone at any time. Whatever is wrong with this Councillor I wish him a speedy recovery…..but, it still leaves the question is he up to doing the job? 12 months is an awful long time to be away from your job + in normal circumstances this amount of time would be monitored by an HR Dept at different stages. Is this going… Read more »

So how much leave does a council employee get if they go sick .
Not twelve months that’s for sure .
Two sets of rules here as usual