David Walter

Wellow resident, David Walter, acted as election Agent for Isle of Wight Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate in the 2015 election.

Below are some article he features in.

Former Agent on BBC: ‘I’ve come to the conclusion that really Andrew is not the man for the Isle of Wight’

Andrew Turner - looking to his side

In a revealing feature on BBC South Today last night, Andrew Turner's until-recently Agent says the former MP is "not the man for the Isle of Wight".

Wednesday, 29th April, 2015 4:08pm

By Sally Perry with 52 readers' comments

David Walter gets his wish: Now revoked as AT’s Election Agent. Replacement named

Goodbye scrabble

Andrew Turner's second agent, David Walter, gets his wish and is now revoked as his Election Agent. His third Agent has been announced, although he's already pretty busy with other senior roles.

Tuesday, 28th April, 2015 2:42pm

By Sally Perry with 64 readers' comments

Turner insider’s leaked-letter makes damaging allegations

Pistol goes bang

There are so many explosive allegations in this leaked letter, written by a Conservative insider currently within Andrew Turner's campaign team, that it's impossible to summarise.

Sunday, 26th April, 2015 8:12pm

By Retired Hack

David Walter: Andrew Turner’s Election Agent, doesn’t want the role

David Walter changed bio on Twitter

Remember the 'I am still his agent' response from David Walter when asked if Andrew Turner had lost another Agent? Well, it's now come to light that he wants to resign, but isn't allowed.

Friday, 24th April, 2015 4:50pm

By Sally Perry with 106 readers' comments

Andrew Turner’s election agent accuses IW Conservative Chairman of ‘lying’

David Walter

The fighting within Andrew Turner's campaign team has reached new heights with his Agent now accusing IW Conservative Chairman of 'lying'.

Friday, 24th April, 2015 1:41pm

By Sally Perry with 73 readers' comments

Has Andrew Turner lost another Election Agent?

David Walter changed bio on Twitter

There are a few pointers that Andrew Turner's latest Election Agent might have changed. We've asked, but had no reply from him.

Friday, 10th April, 2015 9:29pm

By Simon Perry with 163 readers' comments

Andrew Turner finds new election agent (Updated)

David Walter

A fairly new member of the Island Conservatives is now Andrew Turner's election agent.

Tuesday, 10th February, 2015 3:49pm

By Sally Perry with 12 readers' comments

Accusation of bribery over planning application

Monopoly green houses and coins:

A parish councillor's offer (through a Section 106 agreement) of giving £10,000 to the parish for her local school if her planning permission is approved has been labeled as 'a bribe' by a fellow councillor. OnTheWight speaks to the accused.

Monday, 3rd November, 2014 5:52pm

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Shalfleet residents choose their favourites in local election

Polling Station:

There were three vacancies on the parish council and yesterday around 23% of the Shalfeet population cast their votes.

Friday, 10th October, 2014 8:27am

By Sally Perry with 10 readers' comments

Shalfleet parishioners to go to the polls

Polling station:

There are six candidates for three vacancies at Shalfleet Parish Council. Don't miss your chance to meet them on Friday evening to hear more.

Thursday, 25th September, 2014 10:15am

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West Wight residents have their say over parking changes

Moa Place freshwater Car Park

An online and written petition that contain over 1,500 signatures opposed to parking changes at Moa Place car park in Freshwater were handed over to Cllr Gilbey.

Wednesday, 4th June, 2014 7:33am

By Sally Perry

Residents concerned over medical surgery closure

Yarmouth surgery

With two GPs soon leaving the practice and difficulties in recruiting new GPs, the West Wight Medical Practice have had to take the difficult decision of temporarily closing the Yarmouth branch.

Wednesday, 26th February, 2014 2:55pm

By Sally Perry with one comment