Former Agent on BBC: ‘I’ve come to the conclusion that really Andrew is not the man for the Isle of Wight’

In a revealing feature on BBC South Today last night, Andrew Turner’s until-recently Agent says the former MP is “not the man for the Isle of Wight”.

Andrew Turner - looking to his side

Isle of Wight Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate Andrew Turner turned down an offer to appear in a BBC feature about the 2015 election it was revealed last night.

Following the continued problems of Andrew Turner’s election campaign, Tuesday night’s South Today programme screened a feature by BBC reporter James Ingham.

In the feature James interviewed four of the other candidates, Stewart Blackmore, Vix Lowthion, Iain McKie and Ian Stephens, but said that Andrew Turner had turned down his request for an interview. A statement from David Goodall was read out.

The ‘meltdown’ of the Conservative campaign was highlighted by the other candidates interviewed for the feature.

Walter: “Andrew is NOT the man for the Isle of Wight”
Andrew Turner’s until-recently Election Agent, David Walter, a loyal Conservative supporter of the former MP, also appeared in the feature, saying

“Rather than sitting down with me face to face to try to overcome these problems, Andrew just disappeared and wouldn’t speak to me so I’ve really had to do this. It is sad, but I’ve come to the conclusion that really Andrew is not the man for the Isle of Wight.”

As Andrew declined to be interviewed, James read out a statement by him about David Walter’s claims, “His views aren’t shared by anybody else in [my] team.”

Watch again
If you missed the feature you can see it before 6:55 this evening on BBC iPlayer (about 6 minutes in).

Wednesday, 29th April, 2015 4:08pm



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Email updates?

This really is shocking to think that the Island may be lumbered with someone not able to fulfil his brief simply because of the pig headedness and infighting of the local tory association

Will the voters do the right thing and avoid Mr Turner next week

I doubt it it

Don Smith
If AT is re-elected are we to have the same old double act partnership of Dennett and Turner; it just might be a threesome by now:-) Another five years of…Surely the electorate are not blind. Once elected it will be difficult to shift them. He’s hanging in, so it’s up to the electorate. You get what you deserve! Do vote for whoever you want, but do vote.… Read more »
Billy builder
Don, Whilst you are completely at liberty to vote how you wish. If I were you, I would not only consider who I would like to see as MP, but would also look to minimise the risk of getting an MP that I would find totally unacceptable. If AT’s vote collapses disillusion Tories will migrate to UKIP, LibDem and Ian Stephens. A vote for Green could well… Read more »

If they want to have a voice in the next parliament Labour and LibDem voters on the Isle of Wight have to unite behind the Green party as Vix made an impressive impact and won the Hustings and with there support will win the election…

billy builder

Ewald, I would suggest that the Hustings exit poll was very small, and not representative of peoples voting intentions. Whilst Vix comes across well in public speaking, she will not get the support of large numbers of people on the island, because the Green policies she supports would be ruinous for the Country.


Green policies are for the common god!
and btw, a country run on PR needing the Greek bail out first before they announce the horrible 1Q figures worse then ex Soviet Republics, is ruined already….




Turner refusing debates and interviews, yet he’ll still walk the election. Such a shame the IOW doesn’t take it’s politics seriously.

sam salt
Having seen Mr Walter on South Today yesterday and also read his letter and comments on other sites I feel that he is and was completely out of his depth in his role as Mr Turner’s agent. Mr Walter seems a public spirited chap but does get the wrong end of the stick on occasions. Might I respectfully suggest he shuts-up until post election and lets people… Read more »
What a brilliant spokesman for democracy you are! Let’s just pretend everything is find until people have voted him back in eh? There’s clearly no public interest in exposing what a complete shambles the Conservative campaign is in, that [part of comment removed by moderator] continues to play a dominant role despite Andrew suggesting otherwise, and how our prospective candidate won’t even do a BBC interview to… Read more »

we all know who the winner in the hustings and the interviews is, lets hope she gets most of the IOW votes
and the UK the deserved political earthquake….

Robert Jones
Ewald, this is the first comment you’ve made anywhere that I completely understand. Just a pity that I disagree with it, but still – comprehension is a start. I haven’t actually heard a lot from the Green candidate, but I have read her election address, full of promises of the We Will variety, without a credible hint as to how they’ll be financed. A tax on the… Read more »
obviously profit’s from privately let housing to the tune of 24+ bn a year through housing benefits paid to zero hours employees who have to rent, ends up on the accounts of private owners in tax havens and if someone wants to use this money to finance new house building programs profiteers pretend to not understand – that’s why no other party is questioned on finance like… Read more »

winning the election will be Turners last Hurrah…

He will quit by Christmas

Island Monkey

With friends like Mr Walter..

AT is sensible to avoid a public slanging match about who was at fault, there just isn’t the time now.

Like all other party activists, David Walter was an unpaid volunteer, and being an Agent creates onerous legal obligations. It’s certainly not a job for the feint hearted.


Interesting final sentence.
“Feint” = sham attack designed to deceive opponent.

bill lucas
Refusing an interview with the BBC is not entering a public slanging match, its an opportunity to give your point of view to a wider audience. Andrew is the looser on two counts he had a chance to confirm to the electorate that CD is not a dominating, controlling person who organises his office, money and his life, to also show that he is articulate and balanced… Read more »
I believe Mr.Turner will win despite all the bad mouthing. I find I have have problems with all the other five. On hearing the disgraceful comments made by the UKIP guy I thought “Would I really want this despicable person to represent me?” The back stabbing independent Conservative states in his leaflet that he has an entirely insular outlook, which in some respects might be good, but… Read more »
Billy builder
WestWighter, What exactly would the Tory candidate need to do to loose your vote? He has shown that his perception of what is right or wrong when it comes to his parliamentary expense is somewhat confused. In all the hustings I have seen or heard, his views are poorly expressed and confused. Based on his previous agents statements he appears to be unable to recall recent events… Read more »
Yes Mr.Turner certainly made a mistake there, along with about 600 other MPs if you noticed. It is obvious that there was a culture of taking liberties with the MPs expense system and regrettably Mr.Turner did not rise above it. On two occasions I had need to consult him and on both he was very helpful. He listened to me, me the little man on the N0.12… Read more »
billy builder
Westwighter, with regard to a persons health and whether or not they should retire entirely depends on how their health issues affect their ability to do their job. For David Blunkett as a Labour MP in Sheffield, his blindness was not an impairment to him doing his job on the local, national and international stage. However, if David Blunkett’s career had been that of a Taxi driver,… Read more »
Lord Gnome

Good to see Andrew has 6 paragraphs in this week’s Private Eye. Always good to see the Island in the national press and on TV! Keep on promoting us Andrew.


Interesting that “Lord Gnome” is portrayed in Private Eye as a man of great wealth, greed, unscrupulousness and vulgarity. So… one whose views are tinged with self-interested Toryism?

Could he be a country member of the failed cabal? :-))



I’ve been following the local and national shenanigans for the past couple of weeks and have held my counsel. I have concluded that because of the way our discredited and outdated voting system operates, designed for two-party operation. Any votes cast in any constituency that is not a marginal is by and large a wasted vote as far as national issues are concerned. It will take a… Read more »
I think the message is getting through, Darcy.People are going to be more responsible who normally vote Conservative.No-one these days likes to be led by the nose and folks like it known that they know their own mind. I agree with what you say and I wish Mr Stephens would show his true character, which is far more passionate than people realise.There is more to him than… Read more »
we are living in interesting times having a responsibility now and to the generation to come. seeing quantitative easing, communist behaviour by stealth as the way out for our economy in the Conservative West and Capitalism by stealth implied in the former Communist economies, only the Green Party is taking the issues further, behind this limited horizon…. interested in the well being of all people worldwide and… Read more »
Billy builder
Milly, Whilst I do not believe that the Greens have the right policies for either the island or country, and that if elected the country would be a basket case. I do think that Vix comes across well. If were had a fare voting system then I would fully support you in your ascertion to vote Green. However, in our first passed the post system you are… Read more »
@BB. I’m not sure you understand why some people, including me, are considering Green. I’ve explained why voting for major parties is largely a waste of time, not least because it was designed for a two-party democracy which is still valid in the U.S. Democracy is also thwarted by the Whip system and under the current system you are unlikely to change anything unless you are lucky… Read more »


I’m genuinely interested to know the policies you consider to be from the land of fairies, would you mind explaining why you think them so?


@peaceful life. On ferry at mo so can’t engage fully. But for starters, and my personal assessment. 1. Eliminating the Monarchy. This is one area of the Establishment that brings in more revenue than it costs as far as I can see. 2. Trident. Without it we could be the next Ukraine. 3. Further rcontrols on immigration. Just check out the details. 4. Paying a basic income… Read more »
billy builder
Darcy, with regard to the voting system, I couldn’t agree with you more. We need a voting system that gives every voter a true voice, allowing them to prioritise their vote appropriately. Unfortunately we do not have that voting system so must do what we can with the one we’ve got. Regarding how we vote, if we are in a seat where the outcome is a forgone… Read more »
I disagree with your premise that the seat is vulnerable. In 2010, AT won well ahead of a very strong LD challenge achieved at the height of their popularity. Support for the LDs is now nationally less than half what it was then and when you factor in the dreadful LD and Island First administration and the fact the current LD PPC does not live on the… Read more »
billy builder
Darcy, In general I agree with much of what you say. However, I do believe that AT’s Tory seat is now very vulnerable and could well fall. As I said in my previous post, the disenfranchised Tory vote will go partly to the left and partly to the right, with UKIP taking the right vote. What will happen to the Tory left vote. Ask yourself where will… Read more »
By refusing interviews, Turner is only acting in the same way as his party leader. Cameron clearly was advised by his Oz Guru that if he interacted with any voters other than the faithful, then the only way was down. So the idea is to trip around like a tooth fairy casting out ever more implausible baubles, and rely on the Mail, Sun and Telegraph to hype… Read more »
bill lucas

Well Andrew apparently showed he had a sense of humour as he had the laughing last night, so he does have a less serious side.


Simon tells me that apparently I have been commenting too frequently and thus dissuading other commentators. So I shall be withdrawing from this blog.

Thanks for all the interesting discussions and perhaps those whom I have upset will accept my apologies.

sam salt

Sorry to see you go Cicero. Will continue to read your submissions elsewhere. Good luck xx

Anon Again

@ cicero – that seems extremely harsh and although you do comment a fair amount it isn’t excessive at all. Sorry to see you go too.


I find it very hard to believe that Simon or Sally would have said that. I dont always agree with your views but defend your right to say them. Hope it’s just a misunderstanding.

Sally Perry

It seems a quiet word in Cicero’s ear about the frequency of his commenting has been somehow been blown out of proportion.

We certainly did not ask him to leave, just asked him to consider the frequency of his postings.

From memory, Simon’s email started off by saying how much we valued readers’ comments. Cicero replied by asking for his account to be deleted.


To be fair. Simon’s email was courteous and did not ask me to leave. However, it embarrassed me enough to realise I *was* spending too much time on the OTW blog and thus deserting my more academic on-line discussions.

Thanks for the nice words folks.

Later perhaps Keep up the good work.

billy builder

Cicero, I will be sorry to see you go, although I do not always (or in fact very rarely) agree with what you say, you do encourage discussion. Don’t take your ball home, leaving me as public enemy number one.

Free Speech

I do hope this has nothing to do with your consistent attitude here regarding Andrew Turner? In the face of overwhelming opposition from most commentators, you always seemed very fair minded.



I didn’t know the Greens had a policy to, ‘eliminate’, the monarchy, can you shed some light on that?

So the logical conclusion on having nuclear weapons as a form of defence, is that any country without them..should have them and therefore instil peace by threat of mutual obliteration?


I’m sure you’re as capable as I am of sourcing information about the Greens and the Monarchy.
As for Trident I’m sure we all have our own opinions.
Goodnight. It’s late.

Anon Again

@Peaceful Life – Natalie Bennett has said that she would support the abolition of the monarchy but would let “the people” decide. Not an unreasonable position in my view. The word “eliminate” probably conjures up a more violent end than even the most fervent republican would wish to see!


On reflection, using the word ‘eliminate’ was a little misleading. ‘Abolish’ would have been more accurate.

Anon Again

@darcy Agreed! :)



It’s misleading to suggest any policy has been put forward by the Green Party to abolish the monarchy, no such policy exists and never has.


“Greens – left of Labour with totally unaffordable and undeliverable policies”


in the richest and technically most advanced and successful state in Baden Wuerttemberg the Green Prime Minister is leading a Coalition with the Conservative minority and yes, for UKIP they are both on the left…..

I have to correct that, Baden-Württemberg is not supported by any conservatives but is supported by the SDP (Geman Labour). They are the second largest party with 24% of the vote, far behind the Conservatives (CDU) on 39%. However they managed to make a coalition together with SDP (23%) Neither social security nor health expenditure is managed by the state, therefore they only waste money on windmills… Read more »