Ahoy The Rebel Green Flag

It appears that the green rebel flag is gaining support across the Island

The issue of the new Isle of Wight flag, designed by John Graney and voted for by County Press readers, has caused much discussion around the Island over recent months so we weren’t surprised to receive the following letter from Paul Sturgess.

He’s an Islander who is passionate about the Isle of Wight having a ‘great’ flag to represent it and has been in touch with us many times before on the subject. Read what he has to say and feel free to add your comments at the bottom. Ed

Seems to me this IOW flag is a big issue, we now have three.

The new, the Council and the green and white, so what do we fly?

Havenstreet Steam Rally saw five of the traditional style Green-White-Green flags flying around the show and camping ground, looks like since the new flag more people have taken to the old.

The Green-White-Green flag has now been nicknamed “The Isle of Wight flag the rebel green,” as can be found on Facebook.

“Dull” someone once said to me.

How can that be, when it shows the true colours of our Island with its green fields and a backbone of pure white chalk.

Looks like the flag of Nigeria, SO WHAT, so do a lot of others, even the new.

A flag is recognized by its colours and does not have to have symbols. There are none on the flags of Cornwall, Devon, the new flag of Dorset and many others too.

As for Mr Bean (chairman of the Island Flag Committee) saying that others don’t use the flag of St George, this is not true. The flag of East Anglia, St Edmund, Alderny and Guernsey make use of it. So why can’t we?

As long as I doesn’t have the outline of the Island or that cracked diamond in it looking like a fillet of plaice out of water.

Or does that new flag sum up the Island.

A dead Plaice out of water, but it does remind people of McFisheries.

I think we deserve a much nicer flag with some good History. But Mr Bean is right in saying we cannot have a flag with the Union flag on it as this is defacing our countries flag. Maybe our Flag should be black with a diagonal white cross.

One more thing. Do the people of the Isle of Wight know the number of votes for the new flag. We have the right to know.

Paul Sturgess, Northwood, IOW

Wednesday, 9th September, 2009 3:59pm


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Email updates?
Toby Hector
I had always been a fan of the County Press, but when I heard they’d taken it upon themselves to team up with the unelected ‘Island Flag Committee’ and create a new Island flag I was staggered. How arrogant are these people?!? They have no right to force a new flag on the Island, let alone one that requires each vote to be purchased!!! What happened to… Read more »

Isn’t the Island-diamond a tad too Cowes-centric for y’all?
(it might not be as cool as the Cornish Cross but I’ll be investing in the Green Rebel as my courtesy flag when I visit)

Steephill Jack

I like the new Island flag and I think it’s a great design, so it gets my vote. I have one on my car.


Ah! so that was you haha


Why do we need a flag? We are part of England, part of the United Kingdom and therefore we should carry the United Jack flag.


What’s a United Jack flag look like?

Simon Perry

Something like this?

United Jack


Classic! Give the first and last images a ‘rebel’ green hue and I think we’re there!

Simon Perry

‘ow’s about that guys and girls?


Toby Hector
In response to Darren: We are discussing a County flag. We need one to distinguish ourselves from other Counties. All English Counties have a flag for themselves. There is no such thing as a “United Jack flag”. There’s the ‘Union Jack’? …that as far as I know is flown on ships, and the ‘Union Flag’? that you see lots of in London. Usually adorning t-shirts, erasers, fluffy… Read more »
Big Bird
Here’s Johnny!!!!!…nice one. Seriously though, I think the Rebel Green flag has far more credibility than the corporate “dead plaice out of water” flag, but perhaps that is rapidly becoming the general concensus of opinion regarding this fair isle? “The Isle of Wight, a division of UK PLC” ? Who was on the flag committee that pushed forward the ‘Southern Water/McFisheries/Wightlink’ flag? I bet it wasn’t Joe… Read more »

Who does bother to buy a County Press these days?


where can we buy the Green Flag

Ms Elanie
Duncan Knifton
I actually like the new blue flag….the diamond shape is automatically seen as the shape of the Isle of Wight…this so called Rebel Green flag has no history behind it…and is only there to annoy people…so I will stick with the blue one thanks. IF you want to change it,..then the St Georges cross with the IOW in the middle would be great…but other than that, sticking… Read more »