Anti-Budget Cuts Demo Planned

A peaceful demo is planned for 4.30pm on Wednesday.

Anti-Budget Cuts Demo PlannedIf you haven’t already heard, a group of concerned residents on the Island are planning to stage a peaceful demo outside County Hall on Wednesday this week.

The reason for their demonstration is simple, they wish to object to the massive cuts proposed by this council to services supporting vulnerable people.

The knock on effect of the cuts will hit places such as Westminster House and Haylands Farm.

If you’re a regular reader of VB, the you will already have seen our live coverage of the Scrutiny and Overview committee meeting where the proposals were first aired.

This was following by a presentation made by Steve Beynon to the voluntary sector which resulted in several podcasts with service providers.

Peaceful demo to send message
Prior to the full council meeting on Wednesday 24th to vote on the proposals, it’s hoped the demo at 4.30pm this Wednesday 17th February will send a message to those in County Hall responsible for making decisions.

Monday, 15th February, 2010 7:18pm



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That’s a shame, know a few people who would like to go but have work commitments.

Hazel wyld

Don`t worry if you have to work, how else you can help, email your local councellor ask if he is voting against and tell him if he isn`t he will not be getting your vote next time!

Due to the present council crisis affecting public services on the Isle of Wight, Ryde and East Wight Trades Council calls upon: • The present leader of the council, David Pugh to resign as he has lost credibility with the public he is supposed to serve along with Isle of Wight council Chief Executive, Steve Beynon who has also lost credibility. • We call for, – a… Read more »
Tony Kelly
Having been part of the discussions that set up the Ryde TUC policy for riding out the present crisis I can only agree with it. May I point out to the Citizens that read the VB that from Lerwick to Lowestoft and Llandudno to Lostwithiel councils are gearing up to dismiss staff, whichever section of the conlablibdem federation is running the councils they are slashing servicesa and… Read more »

I still havn’t forgotten about privatisation & capitalism’s Queen….Good ol Maggie.


For many years John’s Club Isle of Wight has supported people with learning, physical and mental health problems We recognise that there is a funding crisis and perhaps cut’s have to be made But do the people that are soon to make this decision really know how much the voluntary sector contributes to these peoples well-being
Please visit our web site to learn more

FL Activist
Can we please remember that the cuts to support for Vulnerable Island resident will result in them losing the support that makes their day to day living possible in their own homes. Results- millions more spent on National Health Service, homelessness, benefit system and many other areas. These ‘cuts’ could cost the council and government millions more than they will save. And its not all about the… Read more »