Isle of Wight student wins national award for his innovative dynamic virtual school idea

finn mccabe

Finn McCabe impressed judges with his passion for improving home-learning for students during the lockdown period, with a particular focus on support for students with SEN

Friday, 16th October, 2020 3:14pm

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Student council to plant 600 trees in next five years to reduce carbon footprint

Carisbrooke Copse with new building in the background

The student council wanted to do something to help fight climate change so plan to plant 600 trees over the next five years

Thursday, 15th October, 2020 3:29pm

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GCSE results: Carisbrooke College and Medina College 2020 results

Thumbs Up

The Executive Head says he's confident the Centre Assessed Grades are an accurate reflection of what the students would have achieved under normal circumstances

Thursday, 20th August, 2020 10:40am

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A-Level results: The Island VI Form

Man holding thumbs up

The Island VI Form Campus have praised students who have shown resilience and strength throughout the Covid-19 lockdown period

Thursday, 13th August, 2020 1:27pm

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Students aim high, dream and find their passion in art

#IoWArtTakeOver for National Careers Week

One child’s art might be photography, another’s might be cooking…or coding…fashion…or football. Whatever it is, finding it will inspire them to follow their dreams, connect and have a successful future

Monday, 9th March, 2020 8:40am

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Isle of Wight students given an inspirational insight into careers in film and media

VI Form tour of Universal Studios

The students from Island VI Form took part in three educational programmes at the Orlando-based studios

Tuesday, 25th February, 2020 9:37am

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Marked improvements at Isle of Wight school say Ofsted inspectors

Exterior of Carisbrooke College

Two of the four categories have been upgraded to 'Good', as the school shows it is making the necessary changes to ensure improvement

Tuesday, 14th January, 2020 9:33am

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Christ the King College: ‘Outstanding performance’ reflected in GCSE results

GCSE Results 2018

The Executive Principal explained that despite the challenges, many youngsters have been successful and there are many personal triumphs across the ability range.

Thursday, 23rd August, 2018 8:34am

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Christ the King College: ‘Results build on established record of success’

ctk vi form college building

This set of results are a fitting tribute to the Sixth Form team says the Interim Executive Principal, Matthew Quinn.

Thursday, 16th August, 2018 2:06pm

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Leadership changes at Christ the King College

Christ-the-King-Pupils-walking cropped

Following the unexpected retirement of Pat Goodhead as Principal of Christ the King College, an Interim Executive Principal and Head of School have been appointed.

Wednesday, 28th March, 2018 4:04pm

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Christ the King accuse Isle of Wight council of lying in latest round of public ding dong


In a detailed response starting with 'categorically untrue' and laden with 'refutes', Christ the King College lay out their stall, including disclosing that after they couldn't raise the £4m to buy the building, CtK signed up for a £10m hire purchase agreement instead.

Wednesday, 13th December, 2017 2:53pm

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Christ the King College: GCSE students exceed all expectations

Happy smiley balls

Some outstanding results for pupils at Christ the King College, with several achieving a full set of 9s, A*s and As.

Thursday, 24th August, 2017 12:28pm

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