Cllr Gary Peace silent on possible plans to loosen ‘dogs on beaches’ restrictions (updated)

Last year the Isle of Wight council cabinet member made a commitment to look at easing restrictions for dogs on beaches in the summer. But now it’s all gone quiet

Two dogs running on a sandy beach

At last October’s Isle of Wight council (IWC) cabinet meeting, members made a commitment to look at restrictions for dogs on beaches during the summer.

During the consultation for updates to the restrictions (the Public Space Protection Orders), the cabinet member for community safety, Cllr Gary Peace, said multiple parties had asked whether there was any way to ease restrictions during the summer.

He said:

“I am sympathetic to this and I know other studies have been opened beaches to dogs throughout the year, so I am quite relaxed about also looking at possibly loosening up on the restrictions.”

Consultation through the winter?
Cllr Peace went on to suggest the IWC get in touch with town and parish councils about loosening the restrictions of dogs on beaches over the winter. He said,

“I suggest we run this now, and running through the winter period seems like the ideal time to do this so we can be in a fit and proper place come the new season in summertime.”

No updates
Ventnor Town Councillor, Ian Bond, has had many residents contact him about the issue of dogs on beaches and indeed, VTC made representations to the IWC’s consultation.

Cllr Bond got in touch with News OnTheWight at the beginning of March saying that that he’d been trying to seek updates from Cllr Peace about the plans to loosen the restrictions in the summer, but had not heard back .

Peace fails to respond
News OnTheWight wrote to Cllr Peace on 5th March to ask for an update, but he failed to respond. We’ve had this before on other issues affected either Ventnor or the Island.

We directed our question to the council last week, an Isle of Wight Council spokesperson said this morning,

“Our consultations with town and parish councils on the implementation and monitoring of our dog control orders has been set back because of Covid-19.

“Officers have now established regular meetings with local councils to review the roll out of the public spaces protection orders now they have been agreed. I would advise that dog controls on beaches have not been amended from the previous arrangements.”

Bond: Very disappointing
Cllr Bond told News OnTheWight,

“It is very disappointing that Cllr Peace was happy to take the credit, and publicity, for making the commitment in the first place, but has apparently failed completely to carry through on his promise.” 

Article update
11.30am 29th Mar 2021 – Statement from IWC added

Image: Kojirou Sasaki under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 26th March, 2021 4:18pm



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The main problem with allowing dogs on beaches is that there is a minority of dog owners who do not keep their dog under control. On a crowded beach, there is no room for the dog to run loose. An energetic dog may leap up at people, hurting those who are scantily dressed and scaring them. Picnics and takeaways will attract a dog’s attention and tempt it… Read more »
Hardly surprising. For all those with reasons to have dogs on beaches there are equally those with reasons not to. There’s no need to go into those reasons, most people know both sides of the arguements and one side or the other is going to be happy, the other not. Similarly with everything else in life that divides opinion, politics, scooters, cyclists, horse riders, jet ski’s and… Read more »
Benny C

Let’s be clear, you’re talking sh*t. Well said.


Agree Benny C

Thank you for returning to this story. Along with many of the island residents who responded individually to the IOWC’s PSPO consultation, Ventnor town council backed the idea of consulting on looser beach restrictions for dogs – which were successfully implemented by Cornwall County Council during 2020, recognising that many of its visitors are dog owners. Bottom line is that Cornwall competes with our island for tourist… Read more »

I’m surprised that some people are surprised. Many people in politics will say all sorts of things depending on who they are talking to and often appear to support both sides of the arguement, but not at the same time, if you get my drift. The awkward bit comes when they get asked by the press and then can’t be seen to be supporting both sides…

Benny C

The problem is you couldn’t make his promise stick. To him you don’t matter. That means you’re not doing a good job as a Councillor. Fact.


If you enjoy wiping dog excrement from pram and bicycle wheels, shoes and boots; passing trees and shrubs fruiting with pungent strange black and blue ‘fruit’, of animals running across your path when jogging and washing urine from your front door and walls – then the beach for dogs idea is a surefire winner.

Benny C
Vanessa Churchman, hosting her new Durdle Dor Radio show, ‘Bunion Phone In’, supported mr Peace, saying, “my colleague is so relaxed, as he says, that he has fallen asleep. Sweet. It’s so easy drifting off to the the random click of Ian Ward browsing the internet for trousers in important Council meetings. It’s how I prevent myself getting all muddled by more than one voting option. Personally… Read more »

Is Churchman that spitting images puppet that embarrassed itself, and the IW, on national radio awhile ago?

Benny C

The very same.

Mark L Francis

Word salad.


We need to bring HORSES into this discussion because the riders definitely do NOT clear up the unpleasant dollops left on the beach or road for that matter.


It’s clearly one rule for one who rides ones horse where they like and let them dump mountains of horse shxt on the roads and beaches never clearing it up and another rule imposed by those who probably ride our 4 legged friends and control the rules. Pathetic really.


It’s also shabby that Cllr Peace’s response to queries about his failure to deliver on his promises has been to keep his head down, fail to respond, and not provide any explanation whatsoever.


Dogs are our best friends and better than people in many cases


… the 2 dogs that killed an elderly pensioner over the Easter weekend?


Whilst you can’t condone what’s happened it’s not the dogs fault it’s how you train and look after them, blame the owners. People and dogs are not born bad there are always reasons why things happen. Based on the current world we live in being destroyed by human beings I would choose a dog every time.