Extremely large container ship labeled ‘Hazard’ run aground on Bramble Bank (Updated)

A very large container ship, APL Vanda, has run aground on Bramble Bank. Keep an eye on our live updates, which will automatically refresh below.

apl vanda

Container ship, APL Vanda, has this evening run aground on Bramble Bank in the Solent.

Updates below will automatically refresh.

Thanks to Will Matthews for the heads-up.

Image: © With kind permission of Allan Marsh

Image: © Marine Traffic and Paganella by © Sergio Furtado

Saturday, 13th February, 2016 10:33pm


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6 Comments on "Extremely large container ship labeled ‘Hazard’ run aground on Bramble Bank (Updated)"

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Bob wyatt

Can see stricken ship from my window. It is a massive container ship and looks stuck. Large number of tugs surrounding it. Hasn’t moved for well over an hour.

Michelle richmond

Williams Shipping off to launch the divers to have a look as now salvage operation as can’t move her…


Well done Solent team!!


Yes, OntheWight – just listening to SF too!


AIS is showing its location as just off the mouth of the Hamble now, surrounded by tugs. Status is now “underway using engine” as well, according to Marine Traffic, which suggests it has reflected.


Refloated, not reflected!