Hampshire Constabulary rated as ‘Good’: PCC calls for £10 rise on policing element of council tax

On the day that Hampshire Constabulary is rated as ‘Good’, the Police and Crime Commissioner says he wants to raise the policing element of the council tax by £10 a year

Michael Lane PCC and police officer

Commenting on the HMICFRS inspection report and Police and Crime Panel meeting released today, Police and Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane, said,

“I am delighted that Hampshire Constabulary is being rated as good – not only for the three key headlines of effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy, but also for the sub categories within that.

“That says we have a force that is supporting our communities to a high quality standard, day by day, with the resources they currently have.”

Raise council tax by £10
The PCC went on to say,

“HMICFRS recognise the shortfall in funding for policing in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton as one of their concerns for the future.

“Today I will present to the Police and Crime Panel my recommendation for setting the policing precept for this year. I have only one recommendation to make to keep all our communities safer, and that is I make use, on your behalf, of the freedom the Government has given me to raise a further £10 a year (83p a month) on the policing element of the council tax.”

Better safety and frontline officers
Mr Lane finished by saying,

“This additional funding will deliver better safety, more numbers of policing on the front line, and more local engagement.

“It will improve having the right resources in the right place at the right time to protect the vulnerable, to support victims, to intervene, prevent and deter, and to continue that journey of Hampshire Constabulary being rated good.”

Friday, 7th February, 2020 6:37am


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Eagle eye
No – So tired of Hampshire leeching off Isle of Wight residents. Has anyone ever written to Michael Lane and got a reply? We really need to scrap the PCC role. I have yet to meet a PCC who is worth their wage. The money saved would pay for more police walking the beat. Until we have our own police force on the island we will always… Read more »

It is the Hampshire and Isle of Wight constabulary. One police force not two. One budget not two.

Deployment of officers to the Island is an operational decision made by the Chief Constable.

We are, quite simply, just one part of Hamphire.

This yearly call by the PCC is like a comedy show; living in Wootton Bridge I would die of shock if I saw a policeman walking around!! The only time we see police is in a car with their lights flashing as they pass through the town. Where does this yearly increase for the police go? I have a feeling it isn’t spent on the Island making… Read more »

Help! Help! I’ve been robbed!

Rob – Dictionary definition – overcharge (someone) for something.

Alternative Perspective

Headline should read, ‘IW funds mainland police force’


Police? What do they really do, what value are they on the Island. All you see is them driving around in expensive cars that we pay for and sit in little hiding places trying to catch speeding motorists to get more money out of us.


Interesting that Cllr Stewart was an x copper and still has a link.