Hold the Front Page: Our Loos Really Are Super!

Five of our loos have received awards for being so super!

We’ve written about the Super Loos on the Island before, but it’s now official. They really are super!

Hold the Front Page: Our Loos Really Are Super!According to news just in from the Council, the Island can be proud of the fact that five of our public loos have received the prestigious Loo of the Year accolades.

If you get caught short whilst out and about, the ones to look out for are South Street, Newport and Ventnor Esplanade, both of which got a four star rating, Brannon Way in Wootton which had three stars, and Yaverland and Brading which were both each awarded four stars last year.

The British Toilet Association promote the independent awards which have strict criteria.

A bit like the Michelin star awards, the loos the assessment is unannounced and all manner of issues are considered such as; signage, decor and level of maintenance; fixtures and fittings; cleanliness; provision of hygiene equipment such as hand dryers, soap and toilet tissue; air quality; security; accessibility and overall management and customer care.

The council are pretty chuffed with the awards (natch), Cabinet member for the Environment, Cllr Edward Giles, had this to say “The Loo of the Year Awards provide confirmation by an external organisation that these loos are of a very high standard, something we hope is recognised by visitors to the Island as well as those who live here.

“While we realise there is work to do across the whole Island regarding the standard of our public toilets, these awards show that we are making progress in improving facilities.

“We have a large number of public conveniences and work with our contractors to try and ensure high standards of cleanliness in all of them.”

Wednesday, 25th November, 2009 11:43am


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Have we already forgotten how much the Esplanade loos cost? £310,000 wasn’t it? For that money we better damn well have won the best loo in Britain prize. Perhaps the council might be a little more restrained about using our money for prestige toilets and instead focus on things they are not much good at such as tourism but which they were unashamed at accepting the credit… Read more »

…or perhaps £120,000 for a new roof for the Winter Gardens. An award winning Winter Gardens, now that WOULD be something to shout about.

steve s

;-) !

L Pinkerton

There seems to be some confusion between the capital and revenue accounts.


strange how they were ‘independently’ assesses just after completion and before the vandals hit them

You took the words out of my mouth No5. The old tin can alley Loos near Newport Post Office have burn marks on them and as for the ones near Newport bus station, well the windows have been smashed up 3 times that I know of! And that’s with the council closing them every evening & night. Money well spent I say. We pay for loos that… Read more »
Diversi-TIES - no barriers to disability

Clicking the link ‘Diversi-TIES …’ says, will take you to The ipetition – The Isle of Wight needs Changing Places Toilets.

m butcher

Those five might be fine.But the rest are pretty allfull.The ones in Sandown years out of date.Hardly changed since the fiftys


Stop boasting about the Sandown loo’s. You’re very lucky to have such modern ones. Bembridge loo’s have not been updated since 1929. We even have green mould round the pans! All can be seen free of charge.