Island Conservatives have just announced their new leader

New group leader says he looks forward to leading the team.

This in from Cllr Chris Whitehouse, in his own words. Ed

Dave:The newly formed Conservative Group on the Isle of Wight Council yesterday evening (7th May) selected their new Group Leader following last week’s council elections – he is Councillor Dave Stewart – the councillor for Chale Niton and Whitwell.

Following his election to the position of Group Leader Councillor Stewart said :

“I am pleased to have been selected for this role by my colleagues and I now look forward to building and leading our new team as we develop our approach to contribute effectively to the work of the new council.

“The previous conservative administration introduced many positive policies and initiatives, including the Roads Improvement Programme, Waste Disposal Contract, Tourist Destination Marketing Group, Offshore tidal energy project, and Heritage Strategy – whist at the same time maintaining careful control of the budget.

“The new conservative group will now look to build on delivery of these positive policies and initiatives by supporting and scrutinising the work of the new administration – operating in a professional, ethical and respected manner, with integrity of purpose for the future benefit of all our Island Community.

“In particular we will be sounding the alarm if the new administration proceeds down roads that risk hiking up the council tax and placing further burdens on local families and businesses that are already having a tough time in the challenging economic climate.”

The 15-strong Conservative Group will now be preparing for the Annual General Meeting of the new Isle of Wight Council which takes place on the 15th May.

Cllr Chris Whitehouse (Newport West) was appointed Secretary to the Conservative Group.

Wednesday, 8th May, 2013 8:07am



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Email updates?
I do not believe it
“The previous Conservative administration introduced many positive policies and initiatives”. Here endeth the Gospel according to Dave (Stewart – the Pugh replacement). Er………..what about being honest for a change by mentioning some or all of the disastrous NEGATIVE policies your rabble introduced Dave? Go on! At least show us your metal and admit for once that your incompetents managed to drew-up our kids’ education. I could mention… Read more »
I do not believe it

For “drew” read “screw”!

adrian whittaker

and just to think the Conservatives had a bad election oh boy they have just made another two wrong choices watch 15 will go down to 7 in 4 years time

Shouldn’t this article be titled, Cllr Whitehouse has appointed a new politically expendable mouthpiece who will put his name to press releases? Has the new Tory leader nothing to say for himself? No new brooms, no new ideas, no rallying call to beleaguered & battered troops, just a re-hashed reminder of why they lost! Looks like amateur night is returning after all :). I can see why… Read more »

Chris Whitehouse channelling Alistair Campbell, you mean?! (I see that CW’s grammar and spelling are not quite as good as when he wrote a piece on his own behalf a day or two ago).

Mason Watch

In a Montgomery Burns stylee……. “Excellent Smithers, release the hounds”


Ex policeman bound to be a Mason.Retire early on a nice fat pension,get a cushy position on the police authority and now this.

Black Dog

Not impressed with Mr Stewart, I know that he is all smoke and mirrors. Stop trying to use your somewhat faded training skills on Islanders.

Like the last conservative leader Stewart has issues with replying to his constitutes

Councillor Whitehouse, come out of the shadows and have your metal tested if you think you are brave enough

P Lacey

Unfortunately the new leader has not followed David Davies’ advice to cease speaking the language of the Whitehall (sorry Newport) Bubble and start to speak the language of the the person in the Dog and Duck in Daventry, Dover and Derby. That means speaking plain English and not being economical with the truth.


Dodpits, Downend & Down Cowes?

A statement just in from the new leader of the Island opposition: “Following a delegated decision, I have been instructed to inform the island’s free press that am deliriously happy to have been chosen to carry the can for my former co-conspirators. I understand that I must now look forward to building and leading what is left of our our team as we develop our approach in… Read more »


Love Darcy’s version. I suspect though that Dave Stewart genuinely believes what he’s saying. So getting shouty with him or other Tories probably won’t do more than relieve our feelings. The results of Tory policies may be horrendous, but I’m sure that most Tories are sincere people who honestly believe that their Invisible Friend, the Hand of the Free Market, really will deliver the best in the… Read more »

I agree. Must pick up on your recommended reading. I didn’t intend to be ‘shouty’, just picking up on ‘I don’t believe it’s’ comment that we mustn’t forget the negatives and that we should learn from them.
Come to think of it, I’m hard pressed to think of many positives so I reluctantly admire Dave S’s stout defence of the indefensible!


… or should I say as a former PR, Chris Whitehouse’s defence?