Island Speedway may have been cancelled in 2020 but off track there was lots going on

Speedway Awards

It's been a different, difficult, but very busy year for Island Speedway as Barry from Wightlink Warriors explains

Tuesday, 24th November, 2020 9:03am

By Rob Dyer

Speedway is back and you can live stream it tomorrow night

Ben Morley (white helmet) and Chad Wirtzfeld

Wightlink Warriors will be taking part in an upcoming test meeting scheduled to take place at Plymouth’s Coliseum Stadium on Tuesday 8th September - you can live stream via pay-per-view on Facebook

Monday, 7th September, 2020 8:52am

By Rob Dyer

No Isle of Wight Speedway in 2020

Barry Bishop and Martin Widman

Isle of Wight Speedway promoters said they would not want to be responsible for introducing an outbreak of Covid-19 or increase the health risk to fans, friends, staff, sponsors, riders and management by staging a public gathering/event

Friday, 24th July, 2020 2:39pm

By Rob Dyer

Warriors Speedway season suspended as Coronavirus takes hold

Warriors versus Plymouth Ian Groves

Co-promoter Barry Bishop says he's keeping everything crossed that at some point over the early summer they will be able to resume racing

Wednesday, 18th March, 2020 10:01am

By Rob Dyer

Isle of Wight speedway has new Polish media partner

Barry Bishop & Mark Phillips

Co-promoter Barry Bishop says there are now many fans of UK speedway whose first language is Polish and it’s important that they reach out to them

Thursday, 9th January, 2020 10:48am

By Sally Perry

Rider of the year re-signs with Wightlink Warriors

Connor King

His all out efforts became the talk of the terraces last season and he's back again next year

Monday, 30th December, 2019 8:02am

By Rob Dyer

Formula 2 Speedway to be trialled on the Isle of Wight

Warriors’ co-promoter Barry Bishop says it's now time to see F2 in competitive action on the Isle of Wight

Friday, 27th December, 2019 2:42pm

By Rob Dyer

Speedway Warriors run Colts out of town

Speedway riders

The co-promoter, Barry Bishop said he was "delighted with the way our boys went about their business and a twelve point win really exceeded my expectations".

Wednesday, 21st August, 2019 11:12am

By Rob Dyer

Lawlor’s late burst wins Wight Coast Holidays US-style speedway challenge

Riders at American Speedway

The six man final race was undoubtedly one of the best races ever at the Smallbrook track.

Friday, 16th August, 2019 11:23am

By Rob Dyer

Popular US-style speedway meeting returns to the Isle of Wight


This style of meeting gives scope for close racing, plenty of passing, surprise results and lots of skill as the riders manoeuvre past their rivals.

Tuesday, 13th August, 2019 4:42pm

By Rob Dyer

Warriors went on revenge mission in Mildenhall

Speedway rider, Connor King

Both sides were below full strength in the reverse fixture from last Thursday’s league defeat at Smallbrook.

Monday, 12th August, 2019 8:10am

By Rob Dyer

Plans for new ice rink and leisure centre criticised over ‘lack of detail’

ice and leisure centre plans - drawing

Although the application has received 225 letters of support, objections from the likes of Sport England, Island Roads, Ryde Town Council and Southern Vectis are starting to emerge, with many of them citing a lack of detail in the application.

Thursday, 8th August, 2019 6:08pm

By Sally Perry with 8 readers' comments