Isle of Wight election: Independent councillors now the largest group

Independent candidates are now the largest group at the council as the Conservatives lose their majority, after two terms in power.


The final results have now been announced in the Isle of Wight local election.

15 Conservative
20 Independents
2 Labour
1 Liberal Democrat

Loss of power for Conservatives
After two terms in power, the Conservative party have lost their majority at the Isle of Wight council. They originally came to power in the 2005 election, then retained their majority – slightly reduced – in 2009.

It’s widely thought that the way they implemented the financial cuts turned the Island against them. Particularly unpopular was the wholesale closing of the Tourist Information centres and public toilets. The ruling party Conservatives lost a total of nine seats.

Labour and LibDem
Cllr Reg Barry retained his seat in Nettlestone and Seaview, but will be the lone LibDem councillor. Meanwhile, Labour councillor Geoff Lumley, will be joined in the council chamber by Alan Hollands who won Lake North for Labour.

For analysis of the votes see our detailed report.

Image: adamkr under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license

Friday, 3rd May, 2013 2:17pm



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  1. Job very well done, Simon and Sally, thank you!

    • A bit misleading

      Tories have lost overall majority…you can’t lump all the Independents together. The tories have the most seats thus a majority…but not enough for overall control.

      Well done The Independent Group for giving us back a say in Island politics

      • That’s exactly why we voted for them, because they won’t be lumped together! They have minds of their own. Time to start understanding coalition politics and the Island Indie way of working with people across the board….

    • My fairy godmother was out today, granted me three wishes, Pugh gone, Cameron gone, who ignored all my pleas for help re Westminster House and lastly pleas for no more Tory rule at county hall…happy day.

  2. Thats Phew and the Tories out of power – now lets sort out the Directors of Service – Love, Anderson & Burbage

  3. Yes and, on a sadder note, thanks to UKIP for making this headline possible.

    • Were there Indies who might have got in, instead?

      • I was just pointing out the fact that if UKIP had not been there to split the Tory vote the Tories would probably still have control. I am pleased the Independent won in my ward, but he did not get more votes than UKIP and Tory combined. Perhaps UKIP took their votes from the independent candidate, but I rather doubt it.

  4. This is what happens when you start treating your electorate with contempt and think you are gods….

  5. Island Monkey

    3.May.2013 3:22pm

    Thank you to the people of Shanklin did what we needed them to do, despite great effort from the candidate and his party machine.

    When he has recovered from the shock, I do hope he realises that people vote for those they believe will act in the best interest of the majority. Mr Pugh was a game player, he always had ambition and a strategy.

    His worst failing was an inability to admit he and his colleagues made mistakes and failed to deliver on their promises.


    That has made my weekend , fantastic news
    And then to find out the Tories have lost majority ! I just can not stop smiling , this is the best thing that’s happend to this island in YEARS
    Hope everyone feels the relief that the nasty party has been slain hahahahahah
    Wooohoooooo time for a celebration

  7. The chances are that Mr Cameron has a vacancy for our Mr Pugh and the possibility of defeat had been already discussed with an exit strategy prepared.

    Don’t be surprised if our erstwhile leader pops up again in Whitehall.

    • @Brian “Don’t be surprised if our erstwhile leader pops up again in Whitehall.” Advisor on Education? :-))

      Well done the Indies! Now let’s have some independent investigations of the factors surrounding past IWC decisions.

      Thanks Simon & Sal for their great work!

    • You might not think this if you read Phil Jordan’s fantastically filmic account of Pugh at the Count…..

  8. Mason Watch

    3.May.2013 3:33pm

    There’s going to be much wailing, gnashing of false teeth and doubles taken at the County Club tonight. Unfortunately Arthur, Susan David and David (Williams) you only have yourselves to blame………..
    It’s a loss in some wards but I am looking forward to the Pennyfeathers issue as Roger Two-Names was elected in Ryde on a single issue……. Overall happy days!

  9. Bystander

    3.May.2013 3:41pm

    Hope OTW wont be asking Pugh for a statement on his views, as who cares really?

  10. I hear Staples, Beardsalls etc shut up shop early today and exhibited “No Vacancies” signs.

  11. retiredhack

    3.May.2013 5:04pm

    I would not under-estimate the determination of the Tory rump, possibly led by Chris Whitehouse, to bribe, bully and cajole their way towards the 20 or 21 votes they need to retain control of the Council. Whitehouse took one minute to issue a Press release after winning his ward. The rest of his day, I suspect, will have been spent hitting the phones. I hope the Indies realise how fast things move at times like this. There’s a difference between not being a political party, which is admirable, and not being well organised. Depending on who can or can’t be counted as a member of the “Island Independents” group, the Conservatives may still be the largest group, and therefore may be regarded (certainly by themselves) as having a right to first shot at forming an administraton. Beware!

    • Pugh, brown, Williams, scoccia, Abraham, taylor, Giles, mazillius cousins all gone. All we have left are the dregs that weren’t allowed to speak by the Tory hierarchy. All that is left from the cabinet is cllr Stewart, will he be the new leader of the Tories or will chris Whitehouse be the next in line?

      I am left now wondering who are the kingmakers who will throw their hat one way or the other to make up a ruling party? Maybe Cllr Kendall will pledge allegiance I return for a senior position, may cllr lumley do similar?

      This is going to be fun to watch!!

      • Ah Councillor Stewart. Surely not the same Dave Stewart who retired from the police on a nice fat pension and then bagged himself a cushy “job” on the Hampshire Police Authority.Doubt hes done a days work in his life

  12. Ain’t democracy a bitch..? :-)

  13. So….who do we want as Leader of the Council?

  14. Bystander

    3.May.2013 6:35pm

    619 voters in Shanklin South deserve Pugh

    • Well, after the revolution the hard work begins. It’s time to celebrate, yes, but we have to consolidate too. Let us hope that the new leadership can sensibly work together, unite the island and solve some of the big problems we face. We may have uniquely organised a successful coup de grace against the “right” but the “left leaning” alternative has to make sure the necessary funding into the local economy is achieved.Good luck to you all and may we support you in your endeavours.

  15. I love the smell of napalm – sorry I mean Tory councillors clearing their desks – in the morning.. :-)

  16. martin william wareham

    3.May.2013 7:14pm

    Good bye and good Riddance to this Conservative Council but it will not be easy for the incoming.The Conservatives have in eight years done their best to destroy our Island.My only regret is the Tories didn’t loose more seats.Congrats to all those non Conservatives elected and I hope you can all work together for a far better Island.

  17. Amid all the euphoria and excitement today that I saw at the count; it’s easy to get carried away and whilst change is often needed from time to time, who ever ends up running this show after the horse trading is done, is not in for an easy time.

    There is a great truism – “Be careful what you wish for”.

    Looking into the crystal ball, 4 years hence, there may well have been some pretty nasty hikes in the Council Tax and many who are pleased today may be distinctly unhappy in a few years time. It’s the way things tend to be. The wheel turns full circle !!

    • woodworker

      3.May.2013 7:45pm

      I would rather see a council tax raise than have to pay twice for services through stealthy precept rises.
      I would rather see a balanced council like this new one than block voting from tories who have no interest in anything except their own party faithful.

      • Hey, I’ve voted for you woodworker!

      • That’s an illogical statement. What difference does it make if you pay higher council tax to the IW Council or part to the IW Council and Town Council. Works out the same doesn’t it????

        • wightywight

          5.May.2013 7:06pm


          Thing is this…. the responsibility for (some) services has been judicially transferred to Town/Parish Councils.
          With that transfer came no money…so responsibility for the services hitherto with IOW Council placed upon town/parish but no money to run it.
          Your Council tax, in part, goes towards running that service that has been transferred. Thus it was and thus it will always be. To correct that situation a Council Tax rebate should have taken place for the value of the services transferred out. It wasn’t.
          The Town/Parish Councils were *forced* to increase precepts to deal with the added costs of ‘now’ running those services.
          So, you have paid your Council Tax (proportion) for the transferred services….then paid again for the Town/Parish Council precept rises.
          ..And whilst all this was going on we were being proudly told by the outgoing administration they had held Council Tax down to no increases for the third year in a row…..!
          It’s just like a magicians sleight of hand….
          Make no mistake, you have paid twice for the same services in both IOW Council Tax and in your town/parish increases…both of which now carry a proportion of the total costs of those services…but for which, only one provides the service. Clever eh?


          • @WW ” the responsibility for (some) services has been judicially transferred to Town/Parish Councils.
            With that transfer came no money”

            Of course, this is the “Teflon policy” being exercised by the Cameron Conservative government and faithfully followed by its IWC clones.

            It moves RESPONSIBILITY for providing various elements of governance and services downstream from CENTRAL to LOCAL government. But not accompanied by any FUNDS to support them.

            Only if the “Teflon Policy” involves outsourcing to PRIVATE companies are substantial funds provided- as in commissioning private health care and, locally, Island Roads Ltd.

            This policy provides government, central and local, with a triple benefit whammy. Firstly, central and local government hangs onto the money already paid by taxpayers for those services and now have to pay again.

            Secondly, central and local government avoids responsibility by shifting it to organisations not subject to scrutiny via legislation FoI.

            Lastly, the policy not only transfers public money to the private pockets of Conservative Party sponsors and friends but also secures the post-politics futures of the decision-makers.

            Some might regard the policy as fraudulent.

  18. peaceful_life

    3.May.2013 9:29pm

    Taken from the framework put forward by the independents….

    …’We recognise, understand and accept the challenges of Peak Oil and will bring forward a policy with which to counter its effects in the long term’

    Enjoy the day and drink in the celebrations, then we’ve some sobbering work to do to tidy up after the party.

  19. The results have boosted the morale of my terminally ill wife, she had three wishes going into the election- 1)defeat for Pugh, 2) For Margaret Webster to lose her seat, and 3) For Eddy Giles to go.

    Boy oh boy, three out of three, she thinks its her birthday.

    Well done the Island Indies

  20. I bet the shredders are working overtime today. When I saw the smoke and fire in East Cowes I thought maybe Margaret Webster had already started burning her paperwork. Well done to all the Independents….

  21. The council site has 5 ‘other/unknown’ candidates and 15 independents. Is this a conspiracy or a cockup..?

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