Isle of Wight NHS spent £10m on agency staff in last 12 months

A whopping £10m has been spent by the Isle of Wight NHS Trust since April 2017 to cover medical posts and nursing vacancies across the Trust.

St mary's hospital

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust has spent £10 million on agency staff since April 2017.

Agency staff have been used to cover medical posts and nursing vacancies across the Trust.

The highest users of medical agency staff were general medicine and adult psychiatry, while the highest users of non-medical agency staff were mental health and acute nursing.

Equivalent of 102 staff
Agency staff have been used to cover 273 vacancies within the Trust.

In total, 15,545 hours were covered by agency staff each month — a weekly full time equivalent of 102 staff.

4-5% on sick leave
Trust sickness levels have remained between four and five per cent since April, with the most common reasons being anxiety, stress and depression, cough, cold and flu.

Staff turnover has now dropped to just under ten per cent.

Priority to maintain safe staffing levels
Mark Elmore, HR deputy director, said:

“We recognise the importance and urgency of managing downwards our use and costs of agency staffing. We have introduced a range of measures, but the focus must be to strengthen substantive and in-house bank staffing.

“Our priority remains maintaining safe staffing levels.”

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Email updates?
I thought our strong and stable government had taken action to make agency staff less attractive? Mind you, when there are no new recruits (who’d want to work under the J Hunt regime?) and overseas medics, upon whom our entire care system relies, are being excluded to make gov immigration figures look good, what hope is there? Strong government? Don’t make me laugh (I’m too busy crying… Read more »