Let’s help Julia Margaret Cameron make the score for the next £20 note

See what we did there? Score … £20 note … yes, don’t worry we won’t give up the day jobs, but we will encourage you to vote for Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron as the next face for the £20 note.

Julia Margaret Cameron for twenty pound note -700

Readers may have heard that the Bank of England is currently seeking nominations for the next person of significance to appear on the £20 note.

Plans are in place for the next £20 note to celebrate Britain’s achievements in the visual arts and the rather lovely Mrs Middleton’s Shop in Freshwater (go visit if you haven’t already) is spearheading an Island-related campaign.

Who and why
Mrs Middleton is hoping to encourage Islanders and visitors to vote for the celebrated Victoria photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron (Dimbola Museum and Galleries).

As a pioneering woman photographer, and, as Mrs Middleton says, “arguably the first in her game at the close-up”, we’re sure you’ll agree that JMC would be a magnificent addition.

Mrs Middleton told OnTheWight,

“It would be great to bring her relevance to the fore on the British Isles, her importance in our heritage seems more widely known in the USA (where the Getty Museum bought so much of her work) and in Canada.

“Her photographs are currently steadily rising at auction price, and it’s such a good time with the advances currently in photographic technology to bring her relevance to our own audience shores.”

Vote for Julia
We love this fun mock-up of a ‘Freshwater Circle’ £20 note that Mrs Middleton has shared.

If you agree that Julia Margaret Cameron should be the face of the next £20 note all you have to do is pop over to the Bank of England Website and enter your nomination.

Please make your nominations by 19 July 2015.​

Thursday, 28th May, 2015 6:28pm


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Email updates?
Alfred Lord Tennyson

Come friends, it’s not too late to seek a newer world.
Suggest Julia Margaret Cameron – a woman of note


Will Gompertz of the BBC made the case for Julia Margaret Cameron in this report… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-32831975 Well worth a watch!

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Thanks for sharing the link

Mark Francis

She seems to have replaced the Queen in the picture.
Way to go! Let’s not muck about! What has the Queen ever done for us? (Apart from the stamps & the banknotes & coins go without saying…)


I haven’t got any £20 notes.

Rotten Borough

With the Island Child Poverty Figures at 16,800. What is Andrew Turner MP going to do about that.

Billy builder

He’ll vote to restrict welfare benefits and perhaps push for a UK opt out on the definition of poverty.


Margaret Cameron, I’d like to see Margaret Thatcher on them, someone who gave the working class a chance to raise their standard of living….that is the ones who could be bothered to get of their backsides.. yes I’m expecting lots of negatives so don’t bother, your the latter sort I’m no doubt revering too.

Billy builder

I think not, maggy thatcher the milk snatcher. The person who decimated our heavy industry, and for those Euro sceptics amongst you, the person who signed the Maastricht treaty that transformed the EEC into the EU.

Billy builder

Correction: it was John Major that signed Maastricht not Maggy. She just destroy our industry and close our mines so that we could import coal from Australia.


Let us also remember the following duplicity perpetrated by a UK government:

2004: Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair says a referendum will be held on ratification of the European Constitution Treaty but does not name a date for the poll

…… and then reneged on the promise.

(Would you buy a Middle East Peace Plan from somebody like that?)

billy builder

The EU referendum will be costing us billions of pounds in lost or delayed investment.

David Cameron will fail to get any meaningful change in the UK’s relationship with Europe, although they will cobble together some words that sound as if he made progress. But as with the so-called rebate that George Osborne announced last year, it will be meaningless words.


Compare and contrast.

(LibDem website) “Liberal Democrats believe that there should be a referendum on whether or not Britain remains a member of the EU.”


“But (Vince) Cable told BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday: “We think a referendum in 2017 is a seriously bad idea. It a very, very bad idea at a time when the British economy is recovering.”

Billy builder

Both the Libdems and Labour party thought that having a referendum on Europe was insane. The fact of the mater is that that referendum is now going to happen. That particular battle is lost. Both Labour and the Libdems have accepted that the referendum will happen and are now focused on ensuring that we stay in the EU.


But don’t comments by LibDem leaders (Clegg and Cable) make them look a little ambivalent on the matter?

(see my comment 7:49 pm)

Billy builder

I think Cable made his thoughts quite clear, a referendum is a bad idea as it unsettles business and risks our economy. But a referendum we are having, so lets go out and get it won. As I said, the Libdems and Labours stance is the same, they didn’t want it but now it’s here lets fight for the EU.

Billy builder

I think Cable made his thoughts quite clear, a referendum is a bad idea as it unsettles business and risks our economy. But a referendum we are having, so lets go out and get it won. As I said, the Libdems and Labours stance is the same, they didn’t want it but now it’s here lets fight for the EU.

BB “I think Cable made his thoughts quite clear, a referendum is a bad idea as it unsettles business and risks our economy. ” Figgers! More confirmation from a leader of a party based on personal ownership of property (see LibDem Constitution)that prefers to support business rather than democracy? (BTW I think the UK should stay in the EU for geopolitical reasons but also that EU Commissioners… Read more »
Mark Francis

Well money was Thatcher’s god.

Greedy, self obsessed union leaders did far more to ruin heavy industry than Thatcher, she said make it profitable, or find something else to do. Is that so wrong? Scargill, and his comrades are all hard up now of course, they totally had the minIng communities over, he didn’t give a toss about them, he liked the sound of his own voice, and assumed there was a… Read more »
JB is correct! The unions became so over-powerful in the 70s that overseas they called strikes the “English Disease”. Remember “wildcat strikes”, “secondary picketing”, “Red Robbo”, “demarcation disputes”, tea and sandwiches at No. 10 for union leaders” and all the rest of action by trades unions that eventually destroyed ship-building, docks, the automotive industry, railways,airports, and power stations let alone the coal industry. Those actions persuaded major… Read more »

The Unions had to stand strong against governments that abused workers….for every action there is a reaction and the destruction of the Unions under successive goverments is not something to gloat about..it is something we should be ashamed of

Billy builder
Cicero, you’re quite right in saying that in 1979 the unions had become to powerful and were damaging their respective industries and the country. Mageret Thatcher came in to power with the view of destrying those unions no matter the cost. As a result of Thatcher’s actions aided and abetted by the unions, the country no longer build the ships we sail, make much of the steel… Read more »

Thatcher survived (for a time anyway) by wrapping herself in the Falklands flag. Cameron has said already he will duck out in 2020.

Not true in the 70s Kevin. The Wilson.Callaghan governments were over-friendly to the major unions and exercise little control over their actions that were ruining various industries. I lived through those times and was directly affected by rail strikes, energy strikes, dock strikes, airport staff strikes, shipbuilding strikes, car industry strikes etc. (I worked in the Midlands at that time and experienced first-hand the chaos caused by… Read more »

Thatcher only ever promoted wealth for the rich..she conned the working classes, and those that made money out of her hair brained schemes are now the worst kind of Tory…traitors to their kind whilst the vast majority who believed this ‘women’ fell further down the ladder

Mark Francis

I’m kind of getting the feeling that we should not be going for Thatcher on the banknotes then. Julia Margaret Cameron it is then.

(I rather thought Mary Seacole could be in there)

Given modern attitudes towards titled mistresses, perhaps a racy lady like Sophie Dawes from St. Helens (later Baroness de Feuchères by marriage, an English “adventuress” best known as a mistress of Louis Henry II, Or maybe the 19C Lady Worsley (Seymour Dorothy Fleming) who “was forced to become a professional mistress or demimondaine and live off the donations of rich men in order to survive, joining other… Read more »

And their contribution to the visual arts (requirement to be on this note) was?


OK- how about Katie Price for her frequent contributions to visual art on Page 3? It would be a bit more interesting than Madge or JMC!


erm … they can’t be living …


Why not?

OK if they have to be dead try googling some images of Sophie Dawes and Lady Worsley, such as “Lady Worsley dressing in the Bathing House by an Unknown British artist, 1782”, as well as consulting “The Wicked Wanton Ways of the Worsleys: The 18th Century’s Sex Scandal” on h2g2.com/entry/A87788083

Mark Francis

So Tracy Emin would have to die first?
At least she would stop moaning…