Letter To The Editor: Union Road Signs

Tony Kelly is back with more news on inconsiderate placing of road signs

Another Letter to the Editor from Tony Kelly in Ryde. In his own words. Ed

Road signsMany thanks to VentnorBlog for printing my letter on the Pedestrian problem. I do not want to use the Blog to promote the cause of Pedestrians but I wondered if you might find this amusing.

These “road signs” (pictured) were erected at the junction of Cross Street and Union Street Road in Ryde. Someone mentioned the Department of Transport and their rules etc.

Unidentifiable identification
One of their regulations stipulates that the “road signs” have to have identification so that the contractor can be contacted in case of problems with the signs, maybe they have been blown over. The JAD scribbled in free hand on the back of the “road signs” is not really identity is it?

The last photo shows that if one persists and finds the right person then the signs can be replaced correctly and may I say sensibly?

A lesson in disability awareness?
Perhaps the private contractor should send their staff on a Disability Awareness training course?

Perhaps they might go out with their Wives and help them push a buggie up and down the pavements?

I have found out that one finds a sympathetic person that resolves the problem and the next thing one is being told to not contact that person. Keep walking comrades, we have nothing to lose but our pavements.

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Friday, 17th February, 2012 5:03pm


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  1. Bob Smith

    17.Feb.2012 7:11pm

    Got to love also how the (most important) road closed sign is hidden behind the diversion one!

  2. Sailor Sam

    17.Feb.2012 11:37pm

    They ought to be considerate sighting these signs. The kids who ride around on bikes at night without lights (and there’s loads of them in Ryde), won’t be able to see them…

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