Catch up: Isle of Wight councillors debate Forest Road traffic lights, mental health services and declaring a climate emergency

Follow the debate and voting from the Isle of Wight council’s July meeting, where they’ll hear two petition and vote on several motions submitted by councillors.


Isle of Wight councillors last night (Wednesday from 5pm) met at County Hall for their July full council meeting.

Included on the agenda were two petitions and several motions from councillors, including a call for the Isle of Wight council to declare a climate emergency and a review of the current IW Mental Health transformation blueprint.

Follow our reporting of the meeting below and see the papers at the bottom for reference.

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Wednesday, 24th July, 2019 5:03pm



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5 Comments on "Catch up: Isle of Wight councillors debate Forest Road traffic lights, mental health services and declaring a climate emergency"

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Steve Goodman

An unwelcome embarrassing addition to the Island’s dinosaur attractions; about a dozen out of step (con.) councillors proudly demonstrating their own overdue (environmental crisis denial) extinction.

Benny C

Dinosaur Dave Stewart’s legacy to the future residents and families who have made the IOW their home will be a record of lasting environmental, financial and civic damage – ineptitude, ignorance, poor judgement, apparent self interest and poor value for money. Vote him out.

Steve Goodman
First petition number crunching: Amount of money spent on making safer the fatal accident Forest Road blackspot so many people want something done about (irrespective of the outcome of the latest inquest); nothing. Amount of money about to be “spaffed up the wall” (in words from our latest PM’s increasingly famous phrasebook) on a 15 month major disruption and replacement of a roundabout so few people want… Read more »
Steve Goodman
Just for the record; the current chair cllr. Cameron couldn’t cope very well with listening to my question (including asking me if I would ask it after I had done so despite his interruptions and microphone interference), but at least leader cllr. Stewart seemed to have paid enough attention to note it. (Basically; given that, in common with most other people and politicians, the council’s lack of… Read more »
Steve Goodman

The latest confirmation that we continue to be on course for a catastrophic 3.5C rise soon comes from America’s biggest bank.