Sainsbury’s Answer Further Questions Over Falling Metal

Sainsbury’s reply to our unanswered questions relating to the falling metal incident that took place last Saturday morning in the car park.

Readers will remember the story we reported on Monday regarding the piece of falling metal from the Sainsbury’s development that hit two cars parked in the customer car park.

damaged carWe’d posed a number of questions to Sainsbury’s HQ at the time and as some of these weren’t answered in our original request, we sent them again.

We’ve now had a response back from Sainsbury’s

“One off incident”
We asked, “What will be the repercussions for the construction company?”

Sainsbury’s answered, “It isn’t appropriate to pre-empt actions against any of the parties involved until the incident has been thoroughly investigated and the circumstances surrounding the incident are fully understood.”

We asked, “Why are the cars of Sainsbury’s customers being exposed to this danger?

Sainsbury’s responded: “This was a one off incident, which was immediately responded to. We believe there is no risk to customers in our car park.”

This is not quite how those affected described the incident. We’ll give you an update once the investigation is complete.

Friday, 2nd December, 2011 4:20pm



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Email updates?

Also how about they fix the damm traffic lights at the bottom of hunny hill ? the cross never works and you risk your life every time you want to cross the road , how long before someone gets killed there ?


Do Sainsbury operate those traffic lights?

If they don’t, I’m not entirely sure why you’ve brought up the subject on an article about Sainsbury?


Well considering they are within close proximity to the Sainsburys store, and affect getting in and out of it surely that comment is appropriate.

Sailor Sam

When you say ‘they’, who do you mean?

Sailor Sam

Sainsbury’s should consider themselves extremely lucky that this ‘one off’ incident only caused damage to the cars and not their owners. Clearly there was a risk otherwise it wouldn’t of happend in the first place.


No risks to customers, but it appears there are some risks to their cars as the photo shows…

St Claire

“This was a one off incident, which was immediately responded to. We believe there is no risk to customers in our car park.”

said a sainsburys spokesman following the death of a customer following a piece of metal falling onto them…..


Is anyone aware if the HSE has been called in to investigate and if not, why not?

These incidents may fall under RIDDOR which puts duties on employers, the self-employed and people in control of work premises (the Responsible Person) to report serious workplace accidents, occupational diseases and specified dangerous occurrences (near misses).


As and when HSE investigate this incident then no doubt the risk assessments of the contractor plus Sainsburys own site controls and policies will be closely scrutinesed all leading to a public report as happened in the Ryde scaffolding tragedy.