UKOG submit revised papers for Isle of Wight exploratory oil wells: Now open for comments

The final plans have been submitted with changes to several parts of the application. Full details within

Field where the exploratory oil wells will be

Consultation has re-opened on the application for exploratory oil drilling on the Isle of Wight.

Final plans have been submitted for the building, operation and decommissioning of a well site for the exploration and appraisal of hydrocarbon minerals at a site in Arreton, just off the main Newport to Sandown road.

Other updates
Information relating to access and rights of way mitigation measures has been updated, along with a new site layout, sections and restoration and clarification of ecology and environmental health issues.

Advice sought from Island Roads before the submission of final highways measures, saw the highways company say the ‘proposed amendments were acceptable’, resolving matters of an inadequate turning area, vehicles on the highway and insufficient parking.

Recommended approval from Island Roads
With the few concerns ironed out and the highways access — a track road leading off from the A3056, next to the public footpath on St George’s Down — remodelled by UK Oil and Gas the applicants, Island Roads has now recommended the application be approved with eight conditions proposed by them, including a wheelwash for vehicles connected to the construction of the site and gates set back from the main road.

Exploring viability
UKOG says the scheme is an opportunity to see whether it would be viable to drill at the site, near New Barn Business Park, for oil in the future.

It is not asking for permission for production of oil, only exploration as part of trial stages.

The revised documents now mean comments are again being accepted in regards to the application (20/00513/FUL) until 12th February.

DDTW: ‘Inaccuracies and discrepancies’
The campaign group, Don’t Drill The Wight (DDTW), however, has said it has real concerns the public will be confused, due to the ‘inaccuracies and discrepancies’ of the council’s planning portal, particularly with responses to the consultation.

Keeping track of every response submitted, DDTW say, as of 16th January, there has been 2,243 objections and 69 supportive comments left for the council to consider for the application.

May: Still possible to add further objections
Having raised the issue with the planning authority and sent in a report with their findings, Sylvia May, a DDTW member said,

“The planning portal simply does not publish the correct number of differing types of submissions of any kind at the application link.

“We want to ensure all Islanders understand it is still possible to add further objections and additional comments particularly related to the new documentation.”

For more information about Don’t Drill The Wight, including more information on the planning application, you can visit their Website.

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Tuesday, 19th January, 2021 2:35pm



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EVERYONE please get the message to STOP UKOG out there to every islander as the chemical infestation UKOG will bring will be the start of the ruination of the island with backlashes on tourism, our eco credentials, water supplies, housing market to name but a few; a ‘cancer’ on our beautiful island. Go and destroy somewhere else UKOG bullyboys!! IOWC keep your hands tightly folded!!

Has this been submitted because there were so many objections to it? Is this a new or revised planning application? Do previous objections still count? Sounds as though over 2,000 objections may be discounted if this is a “new application.” Again submitted during a national lockdown! Inability for the general public, Parish or Town Councils again being able to view documents and plans at Seaclose. The IOW… Read more »

This will be railroaded through if we don’t stand together. We just can’t trust the powers that be. Action speaks louder than words.


How many more times do you need to be told that drilling is not fracking, please do your research, it will help the case if you speak with a fact base and not supposition.
As I have said before, I do not think that this application has any merit.

It’s acidisation or fracking by another name which in fact is far worse as many chemicals are used with unknown toxicity. Ask those people who live in Surrey where UKOG were served notice by the HSE for a breach of health and safety. This is a dirty business for dirty profits going to greedy landowners who would sell their grannies, share holders who don’t give a txxx… Read more »
To answer your questions, alisonjane, this isn’t a new application. UKOG has revised some of its original plans, largely because Island Roads recommended refusal on road safety grounds. All previous objections do count, but there is no limit to the number of objections you can make. This second public consultation is a chance to comment on the revised plans, but anyone who has not yet commented on… Read more »
Frankly I do not understand why anyone would want to drill for oil. The world is awash with the stuff and we are moving towards a carbon less (not free) society. The amount they will even manage to pump from Arreton will pale into insignificance. I have friends at a major oil company who have stopped exploration in a number if places around the world where planning… Read more »
Some major oil companies have stopped exploration temporarily however the demand for oil and gas is not going to disappear overnight, particularly for countries which are not as developed or wealthy as the west. In addition, a great many products we all use today are derived form oil as a base raw material, just as an example, think about the laptops and phones you use, what are… Read more »
Benny C

Yes there is. Otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it.


Exactly, and the price of oil is rising now and will continue to rise when/if the world starts to come back to more normal times.

The Government invited small oil companies to drill for oil on the Island and in many other parts of the country, by issuing licences some years ago. There is even a licence available for off-shore drilling at Compton Bay. Allegedly, this is how it works: small oil companies can keep going, even when they find little or no oil of any value, by moving on, issuing millions… Read more »
Here we go again, this filthy business just doesn’t seem to go away. The only beneficiaries are greedy landowners, share holders and oil companies. If this goes ahead it will be save our Island it will be a disaster. Why are we not surprised Island Roads have now changed their position, grease my palm with dirty money comes to mind. We have a right to protect the… Read more »
Benny C
Believe me I am not in favour of this but please can we have some basis of fact and add a bit of thought into the discussion. First, Island Roads are the highways reps, they are only asked about the highways issues, which they must answer within their remit. They aren’t the planning committee. It’s not their job to comment on the merits. If they fudge the… Read more »

Island Roads shouldn’t have a say as they have got back on their original decision to not support UKOG, the point here is their involvement can influence the decision making which is wrong.

Why in hells name are they even bothering to try. To my knowledge at least 2 and possibly 3 attempts have been made to try and find oil or gas in the past and all have failed. So just go away UKOG and mess up an area somewhere else preferably in a desert somewhere that no-one will object to. Leave the Island alone as it has enough… Read more »

It’s about money pure and simple, companies like UKOG will stop at nothing for profit it’s an environmental disaster, why is it banned in France, Germany and Scotland because it pollutes the air, water and land. Ban it now before it’s too late. It’s a dirty business for dirty money.

Companies like UCOG issue a massive amount of low price shares, even the granting of planning for a test drilling will be heavily reported in financial publications. This will cause a substantial share price increase, making a fortune for the directors and those holding a significant amount of the shares. The money being made is not by producing oil or bringing in wells, it is by media… Read more »

Why drill for oil when our government are going to ban petrol / diesel cars it’s bad for the environment so no stop trying to ruin our Island


Use ‘Ella’s law to stop this dirty business. Clean air is a human right.


Campaign coming to stop this dirty business.