Vestas Protest: Mike Bradley Speech (video)

Mike Bradley tells the rally in St Thomas’ Square how they can support the Vestas workers.

There were many speakers at the Save Vestas rally in St Thomas’ Square in Newport on Saturday afternoon, one of which was Mike Bradley.

Vestas Protest: Mike Bradley Speech (video)Mike was one of the original workers who occupied the management offices of Vestas Blades on Monday 20th July.

He gave an impassioned speech to onlookers gathered in Newport on Saturday about how Islanders can support the workers who have lost their jobs due to the closure of the wind turbine blade plant.

He echoed the call for a Day of Action and also urged the Government to nationalise the factory.

Mike went on to argue was that if the government can tear up the rule books to bail out the banks and the railways then they can do the same for this turbine factory.

He told the onlookers how the workers who occupied the Visteon Ford plant in Enfield were successful with their struggle three weeks after coming out of the occupation, so people should continue the fight to save the 600 jobs at Vestas.

Tuesday, 11th August, 2009 12:45pm



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