Who Wants To Be A Ventnor Mayor?

As Brian Lucas comes to end of his Mayorship, the time has come for a new member to be nominated and voted in by the Town Council.
Here at VB, we might not have agreed with all of Brian’s decisions over the last year (not …

As Brian Lucas comes to end of his Mayorship, the time has come for a new member to be nominated and voted in by the Town Council.

Ventnor TCsHere at VB, we might not have agreed with all of Brian’s decisions over the last year (not surprising, as it’s hard to agree with everybody on all issues), but he has made a very positive contribution to the town. Had the public been involved in voting, he would’ve been VB’s first choice.

However, the decision-making is reserved for the esteemed members of the Town Council.

We thought it would be a great idea to run a local poll to see who YOU think should become the next Mayor of Ventnor.

Who do you think is worthy for the role?

You don’t have to give your reasons why (unless you want to), just click on the comments link below the title above and let us know who you’d like to see being chauffeured through town on Carnival Day … you don’t have to give your real name and your email address will not be public.

Brenda Lawson (Serving Ventnor East)
Buster Bartlett (Town Councillor for St. Lawrence Ward)
Maureen Cawley (Deputy Mayor – Councillor for Bonchurch Ward – Chair of Winter Gardens Committee)
Susan Scoccia (St. Lawrence Ward – IOW Council member for Ventnor West)
Rob Mew (Ventnor West)
Steve Milford (Ventnor West)
Chris (Meg) Mortimer (Ventnor West)
Colin Elvers (Lowtherville Ward)
Val Taylor (Lowtherville Ward)

We have left Basildon Bond off the list as he has previously declared that he would “never want to be Mayor”. Haven’t included Brian for obvious reasons (ie. he deserves to put his feet up for a bit).

The new Mayor (as voted by the TC rather than you lot) will be announced at the next Town Council meeting on Tuesday 29th May (and will be up on the blog that evening or the next day).

(PS. If you haven’t added a comment to the blog before, it will come to me to be approved first, so won’t appear immediately – unless I’m online at the time. It’s to stop the spam)

Thursday, 26th April, 2007 3:18pm


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27 Comments on "Who Wants To Be A Ventnor Mayor?"

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I vote for Susan Scoccia

If you want a sincere, reliable, dynamic and innovative leader to help Ventnor continue to move forward, and someone who cares about all of us…..then Susan is the right choice.

She also has a great sense of humour!


give it to susan, she aint had a go yet


Mark wrote:
She also has a great sense of humour!
Agreed. Anyone seen that house that she recommended for approval at 3A Undercliff Gardens?
But isn’t she too busy with all her other duties?
Val Taylor for me.

Steve Hogg

As Ri8chard Prior said in Brewsters Millions.
“None of The Above”


Dear Bertie, you mean the one that currently has a stop notice on it and is being investigated by the Planning Inspectorate? Neville

Johnny G

I’d go for the likes of the one of the chuckle brothers over the lot outlined in the post on the front page.

n.b – probably barry, not paul.


Nev, it is now also being investigated by the Government Ombudsman and the Minister for Housing and Planning.


I was talking to a local councillor today (Sat 28) and he told me they were unable to decide just who it should be.
I’m reminded of Dotty who posted on Mon. 23 Apr. at 11.32:
“others in the public eye manage to behave in a way that I would get the sack for”
Amen to that!

Local gal

T think it should be Rob Mew what you see is what you get !!


Colin Elvers -reliable milkman

Simon Perry

I think I’m with you Jane – I suspect Colin would serve the town with integrity.


I read the post about the boat yard and then went to vote on here. I fell about when I read post No. 1 above LOL. Is he for real?
Mine would go to Colin, but he won’t do it.


The selection is very strong, so it’s hard to choose.

On balance I say Robbie.


I vote for the milkman, Colin Elvers


Colin Elvers has my vote.

Clarence Old Boy

Colin Elvers has my vote…..top man.


Colin or Val- all the others have several agendas and wear many hats. Too much conflict


Looks like Colin is the popular choice. I was going to for Susan as I’d heard many good things about her, but sorely disappointed in her recent actions.

Colin it is for me.


I vote Robbie Mew as hes the only one with the balls to write in his objections to Mill Bay.


I vote for Rob Mew. He’s a straightforward and straight talking man.


Rob Mew. I agree with what Janet and Frank say.

Jane Nash

Colin is most knowledgeable about Ventnor. His local history talks and slide shows are detailed and excellent. My opinion is that he actually cares about Ventnor and, unlike certain other people, isn’t interested in lining his own pockets out of the town.


i’m torn between colin and rob, either would do for me.

Miss T Eyes

Well it’s normally ‘buggins turn next’ not usually decided on merit or arm waving ability on carnival day….

If it was me, would choose someone who I want to keep quiet –

In this case it really IS hard to choose, but if forced would like to gag ‘Notepad’ for a year before he does any more damage.


You got your wish , Mark


Farmersboy for mayor!!

L Pinkerton

I would vote for Steve.