Wight Computers brings Vectis Radio an innovative FM tech solution

The quality and resilience of Vectis Radio’s FM transmission has been vastly improved thanks to the ingenious Raspberry Pi solution put together by Andrew Nordbruch of Wight Computers.

Wight Computers' Andrew Nordbruch and Vectis Radio's Kelvin Currie

Dee shares this latest business news on behalf of Wight Computers. Ed

Isle of Wight community radio station, Vectis Radio, have had their intermittent broadcasting glitches fixed by the generosity of Island based Wight Computers who donated their time and resources to come up with an ingenious solution to reinforce the station’s FM transmission.

Having experienced problems with the quality of the link between the studio and the FM transmitter, Wight Computers designed and built a highly resilient solution using a Raspberry Pi, a micro-computer that fits in the palm of your hand which connects to the online radio stream via the Internet.

Wight Computers Media Release (Raspberry Pi) March 2018

Plug and go
Managing Director, Andrew Nordbruch, commented,

“It does not require a monitor, keyboard or mouse. You just plug in power, a network cable, and speakers (or in this case an FM transmitter), and in less than a minute it’s on and playing Vectis Radio.”

He added,

“If there is a power cut, or the site loses Internet connectivity it will automatically start playing Vectis Radio again when normal conditions are resumed. This is due to the script / program that we have coded which does not just play the radio and then stop when something goes wrong, it keeps on trying to play the radio and if something goes wrong will keep on trying over and over until it works.”

Uninterrupted FM transmission
The previously Internet-only radio station are very excited to now have clear programming so that their listeners can enjoy uninterrupted programs through their FM radios.

Kelvin Currie of Vectis Radio enthused,

“This little box has transformed not only the quality, but the resilience of our FM transmission. Thanks to Wight Computers support we can continue to offer a quality listening experience on 104.6 FM!”

Tuesday, 27th March, 2018 9:50am


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