100 days in the life of a Police and Crime Commissioner

The first 100 days in office have been exceptionally busy says the new Commissioner.

Simon Hayes

This in from the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, in their own words. Ed

Simon Hayes, Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, will have completed 100 days in office on March 2 following his election on November 22.

So what has the Commissioner achieved in those first 100 days?

The key priorities for the Commissioner on taking office were to deliver his budget, produce a draft Police and Crime Plan, and to appoint a new Chief Constable. A considerable investment in time and effort was necessary for each of these exceptionally important tasks, which are to form the foundation for the delivery of policing for the Commissioner and the Constabulary over the next four years.

Police and Crime Plan
All three priorities were presented to the newly appointed Police and Crime Panel of 15 elected local authority representatives and five co-opted members for their endorsement on January 25. The final draft of the Police and Crime Plan was subsequently presented to the ‘Panel on the Isle of Wight yesterday, (March 1), and will be officially launched at an event in Winchester on March 21, before implementation from April 1.

Within the Police and Crime Plan 2013-2017, the Commissioner has set four key priorities:

Improving frontline policing to deter criminals and keep communities safe
Place victims and witnesses at the heart of policing and wider criminal justice system
Work together to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in your community
Reducing reoffending

First 100 days in office exceptionally busy
In addition to this vital work, the Commissioner has travelled extensively across the length and breadth of the two counties to meet as many organisations and bodies which represent the public of Hampshire and Isle of Wight. (see appendix). Virtually every corner of the two counties has been visited so far and this essential work will continue as the Commissioner strives to engage with all those he represents.

The Commissioner said: “It was inevitable that my first 100 days in office would be exceptionally busy, and I am appreciative of all the support provided to me as I settle in to this new role. Although I have written the Police and Crime Plan, it is based upon and represents what the public have told me is important to them. That is why it was imperative for me to get out and meet as many people as I could during the early part of my tenure. I will continue to do this as the elected representative of public to ensure all views can be expressed and considered.”

The stats
To date the Commissioner has:

Attended more than 200 meetings
Administered nearly 800 emails and letters
Consulted with more than 2,000 members of the public
Travelled in excess of 2,000 miles

For more information about the work and the role of the Commissioner, visit: www.hampshire-pcc.gov.uk

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Saturday, 2nd March, 2013 6:00am


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Pointless waste of space i’m afraid.


Reads amusingly self-importantly, written by himself but in the third person, as it is.

Travelled in excess of 2000 miles eh? Oooo-ooh!


Yes but what has he actually done. Not a lot by the looks of it.

Sally Perry

In fairness, the author should read ‘The office of Simon Hayes’ as his media team would have been responsible for writing the release. I will update it now for future clarity.