1,000 Plastic Bottles campaign launched on the Isle of Wight

A campaign to encourage walkers, swimmers, anglers and fossil hunters to take a bag and collect litter from the beach has been launched.

plastic bottles on a beach

A campaign to rid the Isle of Wight coastline of litter, whilst totting up just how many plastic bottles are washed up on our beaches has been launched.

The 1,000 Plastic Bottles Facebook Page has been created to help get everyone who walks, swims, fishes and fossil hunts around the Isle of Wight to take part in making our beaches cleaner and safer. 

One of the organisers says,

“We need people to take a spare bag in their pocket or handbag next time they go to the beach and try to fill it with plastic litter.

“We would be grateful if you can keep count of the plastic bottles, if you can, take a photo of you and your bag, tell us the number of bottles you recovered and the location.

“This information will help us and other beach cleaning teams identify problem spots.”

Head over to the 1,000 Plastic Bottles Facebook Page for more information and to share your photos.

Also visit their sister page Isle of Wight Beach Cleaning Volunteers, where you can find out about upcoming beach cleans.

Tuesday, 13th August, 2019 5:00pm


ShortURL: http://wig.ht/2n7B

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Moving plastic from one place to another is probably worthy but doesn’t solve much. If you really want to make a difference though you need to campaign against plastic PRODUCTION. Dealing with the aftermath, picking up a few bits won’t solve anything unfortunately. Plastic production needs to be stopped at source, and that will take HUGE political motivation as big economies depend on it at a global… Read more »