50+ volunteers collect 22 black bags of rubbish on beach

Well done to all the volunteers who took part in the East Cowes beach clean at the weekend.

East Cowes Beach Clean

Thanks to Michael for this report from the weekend. Ed

Despite a a cloudy day with a chilly northerly breeze, 52 volunteers including the Mayor of East Cowes Mike Lloyd, Isle of Wight County Councillors Luisa Hillard and Julia Baker Smith plus Police officer Steve Hull, collected 22 back bags of rubbish and a quantity of other debris.

This beach clean is a part of the bid to achieve DEFRA Bathing Water Quality Designation for the East Cowes Esplanade Beach.

The community event was organised by the local group “Fight Against Environmental Contamination of Estuaries and Seafronts” (FAECES) in association with the Council for the Protection of Rural England( CPRE) and Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) and the East Cowes Business Association, with the unanimous support of the East Cowes Town Council.

Image: © With kind permission of Allan Marsh

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Monday, 27th April, 2015 9:46am


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  1. sandy oliver

    27.Apr.2015 1:37pm

    I can’t understand why young people on job seekers or fit claiments of all ages on benefits paid for by our taxes are not compelled to “work” for their benefits at least 2 days per week .They could do the beach cleaning and many other jobs .Too often there is a shortage of volunteers .I admire those who come forward but the balance is all wrong and as a country we are far too soft

    • Old Knobby

      27.Apr.2015 8:27pm

      Perhaps because we have a minimum wage? Of course you can work for nothing as a volunteer, but that’s your choice whether to or not. Being ‘compelled to work for their benefits’ doesn’t sound like a choice though and I’d imagine would end up with the government in court in short order charged with virtual slavery.

      If there’s a job that needs doing then perhaps we ought to pay someone a proper days wage to do it, if we want it done. Perhaps that’s too revolutionary concept nowadays?

      Ah, I hear you cry, we can’t afford it what with the recession/cuts/deficit/whatever. Perhaps so, but just hope that your job isn’t the next in line to be put out for volunteers or those terrible ‘benefit scroungers’ to be forced to do. There by the grace of go I and all that.

  2. Steve Goodman

    27.Apr.2015 4:12pm

    I can’t understand why people create & leave rubbish & litter.

    I can’t understand why people seeking a job aren’t given a job, if that job needs doing, & paid for by taxpayers.

    I can’t understand why public services & utilities previously paid for by taxpayers were sold cheaply for private owners to make even more money from taxpayers’ increased costs. That was soft.

    I can understand why some of us volunteer though.

  3. Steephill Jack

    27.Apr.2015 8:12pm

    And I wonder what those bad people doing 200 hours of community service do and where do they do it ?

  4. Michael Douse

    27.Apr.2015 8:24pm

    It was a great opportunity for community conscious local residents to be together undertaking a useful task for the benefit of all.
    It was also good to work alongside our council representatives and their families who were prepared to join in and help us.
    East Cowes is full of lovely people who care about their town.


    29.Apr.2015 11:14am

    Fantastic community effort. Your award is well deserved.

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