A Life in Poems By Ruth Padel

Darwin’s great-great grand-daughter Ruth Padel talks tonight at Dinosaur Isle.

Many readers will already be aware that 2009 marks 200 years since Charles Darwin’s birth and the 150 years since the Origin of Species was published.

A Life in Poems By Ruth Padel His great-great grand-daughter Ruth Padel has written an account of his life in poems, and she’s speaking tonight at Dinoasur Isle.

She’s written an excellent book on tiger conservation, Tigers in Red Weather (there’s a copy in the IW library system) which explains the link with the IW Zoo who arranged for her to come here.

The event starts at 1930 tonight, with doors open from 1900, and it’s free.

Thursday, 30th July, 2009 11:09am


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some blog readers may not be aware that ruth has recently been embroiled in controversy :


oh well – it’s all water under the bridge now.

i hope sandown zoo doesn’t still stock tigers.

it’s cruel IMO to keep them confined.


p.s. tho’ the brilliant novel `life of pi` suggests that wild animals can adapt to zoo conditions!


I know what you mean, Seb, but actually Ruth Padel knows what she’s talking about with tigers – she spent two years meeting loads of conservation people in almost all the places wild tigers are still found for her book Tigers in Red Weather. So if she supports IW Zoo in their work then I’m prepared to put my usual opinion aside and believe they’re doing something… Read more »
thanks for the report – wish i’d been there. clarification : from memory – i think the author of the life of pi was referring to animals bred in captivity which could be ok in a zoo provided their living conditions gave them some sort of animal-friendly structure. i’m looking forward to reading the autobiography of cheeta which has just been published – it’ll be interesting to… Read more »

ruth hosts tennyson programme on radio 3 :