A year’s worth of clear recycling sacks deliveries start 7 Jan

This year the full 12 months worth of bags will be delivered in one go.

This in from the council, in their own words – Ed

Households on the Isle of Wight that use clear recycling sacks will soon begin to receive their next supply of bags.

Deliveries will begin from 7 January and are estimated to take around five weeks to complete meaning homeowners should get their new sacks by February 11.

In a change to last year, each household will receive enough bags for a 12 month supply, instead of six months.

In the meantime, any households that are low on current supplies of clear sacks can put recyclable items in white sacks instead, or they can take waste to any of the council’s three household waste recycling facilities at Lynbottom, Afton and Forest Road.

Wednesday, 2nd January, 2013 9:58am


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  1. Karen Ledger

    2.Jan.2013 10:06am

    I hope they bring me some. Been trying to get hold of some for ages, can’t even find any to buy.

  2. steephilljack

    2.Jan.2013 6:01pm

    It is strange that we are given these clear bags but have to buy our own black ones. Is it to encourage us to re-cycle as much as possible ?
    How many clear bags does one household get per month, or for a year ? We seem to have more than we need, even though I am an obsessive re-cycler. And how many people are there in an average household ? Someone at County Hall has all these figures figured out.
    And is this purchase of bags for a year a way of getting rid of that £2.5m that the Council had over-saved back in the summer ? Buy now and use later: are they being sensible?

    • Its even more strange that they give you the same amount regardless of whether you live in a studio flat or a five bedroomed house. As the Council tax pays for rubbish collection you’d have thought that bigger houses (paying more Council Tax) would get more bags …

      • steephilljack

        2.Jan.2013 8:22pm

        So maybe the bags are delivered per Council Tax Payer, rather than per occupant, which would be a difficult thing to ascertain?
        Perhaps there is potential here to re-cycle the re-cycling bags ?
        Maybe a charity shop could offer to take surplus and give them away to those in need for a donation of £0.10 ?

      • It’d be more expensive for somebody to work out how many recycling bags each household might use and distribute them accordingly than to just distribute the same amount to everybody.

        I have no problem with people having to buy their own bags to put landfill waste in. We should be aiming to produce no waste which has to be sent to landfill.

        What we really need is a huge cultural shift by individuals, households, government, offices and manufacturers. We need to think of stuff as something which genuinely cycles endlessly and can be endlessly re-made into new stuff, just as raw material is used by other living organisms.

        For anybody who’s interested I recommend
        Michael Braungart and William McDonough ‘Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the way we make things’.

        There used to be a copy in the library service but it’s not listed in the catalogue anymore. Sadly I assume not enough people borrowed it and it has been sold off.

    • steephilljack

      17.Jan.2013 5:16pm

      We just got our supply of bags, so I can answer my own question.
      There are 50 bags per roll and each household gets 2 rolls. That’s about 2 bags per week for a year.
      As collections happen every two weeks we could expect to use up to 4 bags per collection.
      I just like to know these things.

  3. Think yourself lucky if you get bags ,there are a lot of households,i know of 5, that have to buy their own black bags,have not been given a caddy,so everything goes into black bags to be collected once a fortnight. Dose anybody know the amount it costs to collect a households rubbish per week,could be interesting!

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