Adapted plans submitted for new homes on former sports field

The previous plans that have lapsed have been adapted by the developer

Artists impression of new houses on Luccombe Road

Plans have been submitted to build houses on a former school field, overlooking Sandown Bay.

Since Upper Chine School closed in 1994, the sports pitch on Luccombe Road, next door to The Reach apartment block, has remained empty.

Previous plans adapted
Outline planning permission was granted for houses on the site in 2017, but the application lapsed.

The new proposals, submitted by developer Mark King, have adapted the previously approved plans.

Four-bed, three-storey houses
Four four-bed, three-storey houses, with separate garages, could occupy the site if permission is granted.

Plot for houses on Luccombe Road
The site

Planning agents for the development, Oliver Morgan Architects, said the scale, design and general aesthetic will complement the site.

At risk of ‘episodic erosion’
Looking over the south-east coast of the Island, the cliff at the edge of the development has been identified as being at risk of ‘episodic erosion’.

However, according to the planning agents the units have been placed outside the erosion zone.

stable for at least the next 100 years
A cliff stability assessment was performed as part of the application and it was determined the site will remain stable for at least the next 100 years.

To view the proposals, or comment on the application, 21/00407/FUL, you can visit the council’s planning portal.

Comments will be accepted until 20th April.

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Benny C

Little boxes, grey and grim.


Ugly. Ugly. Won’t be any loss to architecture if they do fall into the sea…..


First impression they look like concentration camp buildings! Awful if this is approved then the planning office need to be taken to task. Never seen such awful picture of suggested new build in my life. I wouldn’t trust the stability report either not with what is going on in the world today.