Advance warning of disruption whilst busy roads reconstructed

Island Roads say it’s impossible to undertake projects of this scale without some localised disruption and they hope that residents feel the short-term inconvenience will be outweighed by the long-term benefits of this upgrade.

Park Road Ryde

Gavin shares this latest news on behalf of Island Roads. Ed

Busy roads in Ryde and Sandown are to be upgraded by Island Roads shortly.

The projects in Fitzroy Street, Sandown and Star Street and Park Road in Ryde will see elements of the carriageway reconstructed as well as resurfaced. The reconstruction work is designed to address the problems of weak foundations which have historically caused deterioration of the road surfaces.

The work therefore will have both immediate and long-term benefits for residents and all road users on completion.

Reconstruction take longer than resurfacing
However, undertaking reconstruction work means projects take longer to complete and require total road closures given the depths of excavation. Residents in these roads have been written to explaining more about the works and how they will be affected.

Information boards will also be displayed at the locations prior to work while businesses affected have been visited in person.

Pedestrian access will be maintained during the works which have been scheduled for a period outside of the main summer season but at a time when favourable weather conditions can reasonably be expected. There will be no work at weekends but the road will remain closed apart from the bank holiday weekends.

Gourlay: Residents’ understanding appreciated
Keith Gourlay, Island Roads construction manager said:

“Residents will be well aware that these roads are in need of an upgrade. However, it is impossible to undertake projects of this scale and nature without some localised disruption and we hope that residents feel the short-term inconvenience will be outweighed by the long-term benefits of this upgrade.

“We would like to thank them in advance for their understanding and co-operation.”

Where and when
Fitzroy Street, between Melville Street and Station Avenue, will be resurfaced during two day shifts from 17th May 2019.

The excavation and reconstruction works will be undertaken from Monday 8th April 2019 for approximately 25 day shifts (Mon to Fri only).

At Park Road and Star Street, Ryde, the reconstruction work is scheduled to begin on Tuesday 19th March for approximately 13 day shifts (Mon to Fri only) followed by resurfacing works from Monday 8th April for four days.

Monday, 11th March, 2019 7:43am



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Email updates?

Just noticed that all the roads in St Lawrence are being surfaced this year including the main Undercliff road to Ventnor. Bearing in mind that this is no longer a through road due to Island Roads previous reinstatement fiasco, would I be fair in saying that the main road into Ventnor from Shanklin is a higher priority?


Can Gavin tell us when Island Roads will be resurfacing the tank training ground that is masquerading as Trinity Road in Ventnor please?

Sally Perry

According to the Schedule of works map on the Island Roads Website, any carriageway works on that stretch of road are non-existent in the next seven years!


Thanks Sally. It was originally scheduled for 2016. So much for all the roads being surfaced in the first seven years. Roads PFI – Another huge disaster brought to you by Island Conservatives.


The roads have never been as bad as they are now.


Island Roads are a law unto themselves.
They’ve neglected Ventnor roads for over 5 years. When I told them letter V for Ventnor was near the end of the alphabet they said I was being facetious. Perish the thought.