Alistair Drain to be appointed ‘Designated Independent Person’ to the council

Council members will rubber-stamp the fifth Designated Independent Person

At this week’s full council meeting members will be appointing the fifth ‘Designated Independent Person’ to the council.

Previously appointed were Mark Southwell, Liz Mackenzie, George Hibberd and Ray Smith.

The Council is required to appoint at least one Designated Independent Person (DIP) who may be consulted by the Monitoring Officer and elected members in relation to the new standards arrangements.

When considering complaints against members the Monitoring Officer must consult with a DIP before a complaint is referred for investigation; in all other cases the Monitoring Officer may consult a DIP. Members subject to a complaint can also consult a DIP.

Given the potential for conflicts of interest and/or delays due to holidays or sickness it was agreed by full Council on 20th June 2012 that in the first instance five DIPs are appointed by full Council.

Members are being recommended to appoint Alistair Drain for a period of four years.

Image: Simon Haytack under CC BY 2.0

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Monday, 19th November, 2012 7:57am



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11 Comments on "Alistair Drain to be appointed ‘Designated Independent Person’ to the council"

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Black Dog

I see that there are a number of ex members of the Ethics and Standards Committee on this list. Why?

We need a complete change and not a recycling of an old and disbanded committee that has historically come under criticism.

More evidence of this council ensuring a smooth passage for the officers in charge.


Bios of the five “Designated Independent Persons” would be useful.

Geoff Lumley

“Rubber stamp”? I’ve never rubber stamped anything in my life!

Black Dog

Mr Lumley, from your comment I assume that you are part of the Independent Process reviewing complaints against Councillors? Perhaps you can take us through the process and more importantly how much are you guided by the Motioning Officer and her team including the above named former Ethics and Standards committee Members?

Geoff Lumley

I am not part of that process and couldn’t be

Geoff Lumley

An update, as I recall there were only 2 or 3 of us that did not “rubber stamp” this decision. So he he had all-group support, not just the Tories !

Black Dog

My point exactly. Could this have been as a result of recommendations by the monitoring officer?

Geoff Lumley

No idea. They would need to speak for themselves.


For how long has June had 31 days?


I see what you mean, Septua – possibly a plot so that people not ‘in the know’ would miss the deadline for application to the post!


@septua “For how long has June had 31 days?”

Evidence of yet more inflation sneaked by the Coalition in a quiet press release? :-))