All political groups submit alternative budgets except the Conservatives

Three alternative budget recommendations have been put forward by the different Isle of Wight political groups. The Conservatives have not. We have the full details of the others.

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Wednesday this week is Budget Setting day, when the 40 Isle of Wight councillors have to approve a lawful budget (one that does not take them into the red) for 2016/17.

After having to carry out £50m of cuts to services in the last five years due to a reduction in funding from the Government, the council must now find £16.753 million of savings in the coming year.

Almost £10m of cuts for that period have already been agreed by the council. That, along with a proposal to use £4m Reserves, leaves the council needing to save roughly an additional £2.8m in the coming year.

Alternative budget recommendations
The Independent Members’ Group (Cllrs Blezzard, Chapman, Gilbey, Jones-Evans ands Priest), Labour (Cllrs Hollands and Lumley) and UKIP (Cllrs Perks and Pitcher) have all submitted alternative budget recommendations (see below).

The Conservative group of councillors failed to submit an alternative budget by last Friday’s deadline.

Conservative group amendments?
OnTheWight asked leader of the Conservative group of councillors, Dave Stewart whether they were planning to submit amendments on the night.

He told us,

“I can confirm we do not anticipate submitting a completely alternative budget to that which the Independent Administration have proposed and we will not prevent a lawful budget being set.

“Beyond that position I cannot comment until we as a group have considered all options on the table at our group meeting on Wednesday prior to Full Council”

In previous years, the Conservative councillors have submitted amendments on the night of the budget-setting meeting. This scenario means the Section 151 Officer does not have time to ensure any suggested amendments will result in a lawful budget.

OnTheWight will be covering the meeting live from 5pm, so you can follow the twists and turns of the debate from the comfort of your home or office.

Independent Members Group budget

Labour budget

UKIP Budget

Image: kwl under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 22nd February, 2016 10:46am



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24 Comments on "All political groups submit alternative budgets except the Conservatives"

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Robert Jones

I can’t see that the UKIP document is actually an alternative budget at all ….

martin William Wareham

What would one expect from the Conservative group they are still smarting from the beating the Independents gave them at the last election I hope Bob Richard etc put their hands up at the correct time to foil the Conservatives .

Geoff Lumley

Don’t count on it !

the shadow

ahh lib dem clowns


No reduction in Councillors members allowances.”We are all in this together”


If the councillors are not even going to do that ‘No cuts’.

Luisa Hillard
If you only want councillors who are retired with a pension, or so wealthy that they don’t need to work then a further reduction in member allowances will make that happen. For information I took a £400 pay cut last year. Every other councillor also took the same % pay cut. If you want younger people of working age, who have to earn money to pay their… Read more »

Lusia Hillyard and IW Councillors, Tell that to the IW Council staff who you are going to make redundant and the people of the Isle of Wight when you cut their services.


Correction,Lusia Hillard


“If you only want councillors who are retired with a pension, or so wealthy that they don’t need to work”

….. bit like the Tory Front Bench then? :-))

sam salt
More like Tony Blair. Lord Sainsbury and Margaret Hodge. It doesn’t really matter whether councillors are wealthy or not it is how they serve their communities that is more important. The best Councillor I ever knew didn’t have two pennies to rub together but he was passionate about the community and what he could do for it. Today people believe that everything is down to money it… Read more »
isleb- I know my limitations (age, disability, energy levels, no longer a need for personal aggrandisement etc) would prevent my being a useful councillor. Further, my experiences as a parish councillor taught me the futility of thinking that one could change anything in the next upper level of local government, just as IWC councillors are finding today in local and national government. I would become extremely frustrated… Read more »
In Denial

Those who don’t think elected officials should be paid should themselves set an example – how about taking on unpaid voluntary work delivering some of the services that are being cut?

I believe we need the best people in elected positions and, at present, a large proportion of very well qualified people simply can’t afford to take on the job.


Some people already are volunteers example,Libraries just for one.


There are some Councillors who comment on MPs Salary etc?

the shadow

please lets have a by election for the iwcc ill love to stand again

sam salt

Are you being serious Shadow? Have you stood for the IWC before? Were you successful? Have you ever served on ANY council?

the shadow

yes i have both town and iwcc was quit a few years ago

sam salt

It doesn’t surprise me Shadow. Were you by any chance a Liberal or Island First? Did you also go through the Isle of Wight school system?

the shadow

In 2017 i will be looking to stand in Lake south or Lake north for both Town and I W C C draw what you will from that

Ali Hayden.
Many Councilllors go above + beyond what is expected of them in their role. I for one, do not begrudge the allowance they are paid. What I do mind is all Councillors, of all colours not working together for the good of the Isle Of Wight + its residents. Now more than ever this is what we need. Hopefully tomorrow evenings Full Council meeting will not be… Read more »
sam salt

As always Ali you go straight to the point. Why, oh why, are you not an IW Councillor.
I hope everyone of the IW Councillors read what you have just said and follow your advice.
Please say you will stand next time there is an election. I will gladly help your campaign.

Ali Hayden.
Islebe, thank you for your comment, it is appreciated. I was elected to Arreton Parish Council in May 2013. I fully intend to stand as an IW Councillor in May 2017. Having spent the past 2 years regularly attending Full Council meetings, our Island, My Island deserves so much better than we are currently getting from some who were elected. Too much wasted time + comments which… Read more »
Bob Spendley
I have noted a comment about a pay cut for councillors I may well be wrong but I didn’t know it was a job. If they think its a job then who’s the boss and who can fire them, does the conservative members work for the island or their party like wise labour lib-dem . How much does a councillor get paid, can we make them redundant… Read more »