All Set For Round The Island Walk This Weekend

Best of luck to the ten confirmed walkers who intend to walk 77 miles around the Island in just 24 hours. They set off at 4am Saturday morning and hope to raise money for Ventnor-based charity St Catherine’s.

A group of very active types are planning a Round The Island walk this weekend in aid of Ventnor-based charity St Catherine’s.

David Yates:It’ll mean an early rise for the walkers, who’ll be setting off from Ventnor Esplanade at the eye watering time of 4am on Saturday morning.

They’ll attempt the anti-clockwise circumnavigation of the Island (77 Miles) in just 24 hours.

At least ten people have confirmed they intend to take part in the walk, which sees local author David Yates leading the walkers around our fair land.

Best of luck to everyone taking part, we hope the weather conditions are kind to you. Be sure to give them a wave if you spot you on route!

Thursday, 14th June, 2012 9:23am



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Any one coming to wave them off? i hope to be there its not for everyone , good luck to you all .


If 1 in 10 kids have a communication problem, then it isn’t a case for charity, it’s a case for a radical change of our ‘education’ system.

Jim B

As usual charities are trying to bleed us dry, what we see here is a classic example of that. I would much rather give a quid to the real cause rather than the ‘outcome’ of the cause.


I agree.
My own favourite cause is ‘Stamp Out Dismal Old Fools’, or SODOF. I give what I can, but it’s never enough.

steve s

Do posters 2 and 3 even know what St. Catherine’s is?
You might think they’d bother to find out before embarrassing themselves (in Jim’s case, for the umpteenth time!;-)) by commenting, wouldn’t you. :-S


Hear hear Steve S. Good luck to all those taking part, I will be with you in spirit at 4am on Saturday morning.

St Cat’s is a fantastic charity that makes a huge difference to so many young people facing difficulties that are beyond their control.


In response to the comments made by ‘Jimmy Giro’ and ‘Jim B’.

I feel it would have been better had you acquainted yourselves with the great work and achievements of St Catherines School, in Ventnor before making such inane comments:-

I see it’s not just 1 in 10 kids that have difficulty with communication. My comment was specific and regarded the statistic. If the statistic is true, then the issue is indeed important; more important than a well meaning charity, of which I have no criticism of. My contention is with the education system that has led to such a point where 5 times more money is… Read more »
grumpy old fart
1 in 10 children may have communications difficulties… what does that have to do with the education system? St Catherines caters for children with mild communication difficulties through to deaf students… Im sure you are not suggesting that a deaf person is the result of the UK education system? Perhaps you need to educate yourself on what St. Catherines actually do, and what actually constitutes a communication… Read more »
steve s

You struggled to communicate that in your first post, Jimmy. ;-)


I think a few of you need to take a break from your computers and go for a nice long walk…