Allegations of falsified UKIP nomination signatures now with CPS

Readers may be wondering what happened about the police investigation into allegations a candidate falsified nomination signatures.

Scales of Justice:

Two weeks before the May local elections, UKIP candidate Richard Wilkins, was accused by the IW Conservative Association Chairman, Alan Wells, of falsifying signatures on his nomination papers.

The allegation was then reported to the police a week before the election, leaving very little time before polling day for Mr Wilkins to prove his innocence or otherwise.

On prompting from OnTheWight, the police stated two days before the election, “This is a sensitive and complex case during local elections, and it is of paramount importance that all enquiries are carried out diligently.”

Where did the case go?
Wondering where this case went, OnTheWight asked the police for an update on the investigation last week.

They replied –

“This matter is now in the hands of the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) in London who deal with such matters.

“Whilst the case is under investigation we wouldn’t be able to make any further comments.”

Richard Wilkins received 168 votes in the local election, not enough to secure the seat which was won by Conservative Matthew Price with 356 votes.

Image: Scales of Justice under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 28th June, 2013 3:57pm



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I understand that UKIP IOW are currently selecting their candidate for the 2015 general election. Is this Mr Wilkins one of those being considered?

Pat H-iow

the branch won’t release their list of candidates but I think it would be fairly safe to say that branch chairman Rose Lynden-Bell and recently elected councilor Daryll Pitcher will be amongst those being considered

Island Monkey

Who is Alan Wells? Didn’t he used to be someone?


Apparently he’s a chair, only the Island Tories could elect a chair that doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Don Smith

Alan Wells is a Scot – Who won a gold medal for GB.(100 meters) Well before all our Olympians were paid and kept by the lottery funds. and became Celebs. and millionaires.
They actually had day jobs in those days.

Richard Wilkins
Thanks OTW for dragging this back up ?, I spent hours voluntarily with police to sort this , I have not been arrested I have not been charged and as far as I was told the whole investigation paperwork was sent to election commission dept for their perusal . As yet I have heard NOTHING soon as I do , if i do , I will let… Read more »
Adi w

dont let them get you down stand again dont let this put you off

Perhaps it has less to do with what you want, need, or whether you and your family have suffered enough, and more to do with discovering if you have actually committed electoral fraud or not. Given the serious nature of the allegations, I would say “sooner it’s over and done with the better , least said sooner fixed” is a rather selfish attitude to have. The investigation… Read more »

Whatever the outcome this has interfered with the electoral process, affected the result of the election and made a mockery of our much heralded democracy. How can such a loophole exist? Isn’t it obvious that all nominations etc. should be submitted well before the election giving ample opportunity for scrutiny and there should be a deadline after which any such challenges cannot be made.

Pat H-iow

I think bystander may have a point. Assuming UKIP IOW had some form of an election coordinator, should it not have been his responsibility to subject potential candidates to a vetting process? Should he not shoulder some of the responsibility for the circus of confusion that ensued?

Robert Jones
IF there has been electoral fraud, the agent will be as responsible in law as the candidate. The procedure is that either the candidate or his campaign workers go out to collect the signatures, the candidate and the agent then check those signatures against the electoral register, basically to ensure they’re on the register in the first place, and the nomination papers are then given to the… Read more »
Don Smith

It appears that the Tories are in great fear of UKIP already.
And rightly so. Britain for Brits.

Gold Medal

@Island Monkey. NEver has been and Never Will Be!
One trick pony, just like Beynon, Pugh, SIMMONDS & FIDDLER! Oh don’t forget BROWN in the New Forest!! Counting his Delegated Decisons. Done and we have been. never mind the CPS

Although I don’t know Richard Wilkins personally, I have since first being informed that he would be standing for Newport North in the recent local elections given him and his family my written support and vote on the day. Throughout this whole affair there has been far too much unfounded speculation by commenter’s on this and another site, instead of waiting to hear if the CPS believes… Read more »
Better Red than Bled