Andrew Turner’s our man say Isle of Wight Conservative Association

The Isle of Wight Conservative Association say they are united in supporting current MP, Andrew Turner, to carry the Conservative flag for them on 8th June.

Andrew Turner chairing Trump debate

After the 2017 general election was announced on Tuesday afternoon, the Isle of Wight Conservative Association officer team met to discuss the matter.

Chairman of the Isle of Wight Conservative Association, Cllr Ian Ward, said this morning,

“We are united in supporting our well-respected Member of Parliament, Andrew Turner to carry the Conservative flag for us again on 8th June.

“We were advised yesterday afternoon about the formal re-adoption process for sitting Conservative MPs, and we are now in the process of putting that into place.

“We want an effective Conservative-led council following the elections in May, to work closely with Andrew, our hard-working Conservative MP, engaging together for the benefit of the Island and Islanders with a Conservative Government with a renewed mandate.”

Thursday, 20th April, 2017 2:17pm



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  1. I for one won’t be voting for him I don’t like what he stands for or the conservatives as a whole it is ok if you are fit healthy and rich but you are screwed if you are not it shouldn’t be that way.

  2. Geoff Lumley

    20.Apr.2017 4:18pm

    Yet another Tory lying to us; just like his leader. 2015 was supposed to be the last time he would inflict himself on the island. The Tories really must be at each other’s throats to succeed him if they have to fall back on him

    • Steve Goodman

      21.Apr.2017 11:59pm

      I’m reminded that another Island Con. content provider for Private Eye, the disgraced Mr Whitehouse (or whoever he is currently calling himself), also said he would not be standing again, and that last night Con. council leader Dave Stewart said (of visiting Con. pro-fracking democracy destroying Sajid Javid) it was ‘most important that he honoured his word’.

      Which also reminds me of what electioneering Sajid said about electioneering Andrew: “a fantastic advocate for the Island who worked like the Duracell Bunny for the good of the Island”, which to PE readers like me may just mean that later will will learn that Sajid is sponsored quietly by the battery bosses, and that a revolving door Duracell job may be a future possibility.

  3. electrickery

    20.Apr.2017 4:19pm

    Ex-Councillor Ward is whistling in the wind. But great news that AT is to be re-selected – great news, that is, for all of us who want a different way of doing business once the Tories have been cleared away.

  4. electrickery

    20.Apr.2017 4:26pm

    So the Green Investment bank is to be sold to … McQuarrie!

    You really couldn’t make it up (unless you had already experienced years of Tory mis-rule).

    Remember that other Tory lie: “The greenest government ever”?

  5. fedupbritain

    20.Apr.2017 4:36pm

    Ward, Garnett, Turner, Finney. Well that’s the transport issue resolved then.

  6. The only way I’d vote for Andrew is to keep Vix out, hopefully there will be another candidate worth voting for…..PLEASE!

    • Yes, there is Julie Jones-Evans – as an independent. Lots of local government experience, small business owner, community leader and not affiliated to any party, so free to put islanders interests first. A long shot but an opportunity for postive change #JJEMP17

  7. Oh no… have they no imagination?

  8. retired hack

    20.Apr.2017 5:50pm

    The Centre and Left of island politics wold be looking a gift horse in the mouth if they failed to use Cllr Jones Evans’ candidacy to their advantage. With the Right-wing vote about to be split three ways (assuming that UKIP can find a candidate) the case for uniting behind a progressive candidate becomes a no-brainer. It won’t, of course, happen. Too many egos in play.
    And by the way, what is Mrs JJE going to say when voters in Newport Central ask her whether she’s going to abandon them if elected to Parliament a month later? I’m blowed if I can think of a credible answer.

  9. The Sandman

    20.Apr.2017 6:38pm

    If Andrew Turner gets in again, could someone switch off those LED street lights then we can all leave the island in the dark.

  10. Horrified

    20.Apr.2017 9:20pm

    I appeal to Councillor Stewart, Ward and all of the IWCA – I really want Teresa May to carry on being our Prime Minister but I can’t vote again for Andrew Turner. You must have someone who could represent the Island and conservative party more effectively – please persuade Andrew to do the decent thing and step aside. He could go now respectfully.
    I am really quite concerned. If Andrew is still standing by the time the local elections come along I will feel I have to vote Green really as a protest vote and when the main election comes around if he is still the conservative candidate I will again have to vote Green – as much as I feel it is wasted national vote.

    • constituent

      21.Apr.2017 8:11am

      This would be the opinion of the vast majority of people on the Island, it is time for Mr Turner to retire and take his advisors with him, as fedupbritain stated, the transport lot have been useless. Mr Turner can only function when wound up and set off like a clock work toy. It is sad but he is not up to the job and hasn’t been for many years. Fresh blood is needed or fed up Conservatives and others will use their protest vote. It is very interesting to see who supports Mr Turner standing again, self interest may be at the IWCA and local Councillors ???

    • Suruk the Slayer

      21.Apr.2017 8:28am

      Don’t be fooled.

      A new, wet behind the ears, Tory MP for the IW would be every bit as bad as Turner, if not worse.

      This new backbencher would be expected and required to conform and cow-tow to all of the demands of his Ministerial masters and vote accordingly.

      As for a continued Tory Government? More cuts to the NHS, Schools, Police, Prison Service, local councils, etc.

      And the despicable Jeremy Hunt running the NHS right into the ground so it is ripe for privatisation to his wealthy chums.

      • mywifesheelsare2high

        21.Apr.2017 10:18am

        Imagine it could be the Papal Knight or THE Fog far worse than Andrew Turner is there any hope for the Island I think not.

        • Suruk the Slayer

          21.Apr.2017 10:51am

          Well, we can hope that Julie Jones Evans and whatever creature the Kippers choose to represent them will sufficiently split the right-wing vote to allow another candidate to win.

          A slim hope, I know.

          • billy builder

            21.Apr.2017 12:35pm

            What we desperately need is a single Pro Remain candidate of the centre/center-left who can attract the left of centre Tory and right of centre Labour vote, who together with the LibDem’s and Greens could and would win to become IOW MP. Unfortunately unless there is a central alliance we will get another 5 years of AT incompetence, and what is worse a very probable leap into the BRexit abyss with no possible salvation.

          • Suruk the Slayer

            21.Apr.2017 7:51pm

            The announcement by Theresa May that she won’t be cutting the foreign aid budget has got the usual swivel-eyed loons who comment on BBC news articles in fits of apoplectic rage and vowing to vote UKIP instead of Tory.

            (The fact that she really had no choice eluding their dense little brains. If we chop foreign aid, no other country will touch us with a bargepole for a trade deal)

            Come on Kippers. Stand up a candidate on the IW. Please.

  11. I do not believe it

    21.Apr.2017 9:19am

    The Isle of Wight Conservative Association has, once again, chosen the ‘dead sheep’ as it’s candidate. The island will continue to descend into a sea of stultification under his representation..
    Its decision neatly matches the rundown, scruffy, litter-strewn and tired look of the IWCA headquarters in Carisbrooke Road, Newport.

  12. I’m amused to see the Eurosceptic majority of the Island electorate don’t comment on political articles on Onthewight. What they will do for sure though, in the traditional English way, is theyll put their cross by our conservative mp’s name so our Prime Minister can get the best deal possible for the UK in the Brexit negotiations.

    • billy builder

      21.Apr.2017 10:11am

      Oldie, the best possible deal for the UK is undoubtedly not to BRexit at all. BRexit will cost the UK just about everything we hold dear:-

      • We will certainly lose our commodity motor manufacturing industry.

      • We will certainly lose 20% of the Banking sector, but possible substantially more.

      • The NHS will not survive in its current form and it will not be able to secure much needed EU staffing, and will not be able to afford medicines and medical equipment due to the pounds devaluation (which will get much worse).

      • The UK will not be the UK, as both Scotland and Northern Island will depart the union.

      • this list of losses could go on and on

      The only hope for the UK is for there to be an up-swelling of support for the LibDems across the country, taking seats off both the Tories and Labour, preventing the Tories from getting the majority that would lead to the destruction of the UK as we know it.

    • Suruk the Slayer

      21.Apr.2017 10:43am

      Sadly, you are correct.

      The Isle of Wight is top-loaded with geriatric sheep who didn’t give a damn for the wants or needs of the young people who will now have to live poorer lives due to their selfish action.

      You “oldies” will be happily pushing up daisies while those who didn’t want Brexit will be struggling to fix the damage you have caused over the next 2 or 3 decades.

  13. iain mckie

    21.Apr.2017 10:57am

    i am not sure that Turner will necessarily be the candidate:

    • Suruk the Slayer

      21.Apr.2017 11:19am

      • retired hack

        22.Apr.2017 1:24pm

        Read it more carefully, Suruk. Especially the words “officer team”. The officer team is Ward and a few of his chums. The IWCA Executive, which is the competent (sic) body in dealing with reselection matters, has 40 members. Turner requires their support, just as he did in 2015 when he squeaked in. He may well get it this time, because, as others have said, the Tory HQ screws are on. But it would be a pity if he were simply able to bounce his way in by convincing people such as yourself that he has already done it when he has not.

    • constituent

      21.Apr.2017 3:55pm

      Don’t count your chickens, the IWCA have the Executive and Cllr situation tightly sewn up, no one will dare sqeak up!!, despite promises not to stand again; Emperors new clothes ? It will be the Turnip and his entourage, it’s up to the electorate to choose.

  14. Your link is behind the times already Iain. All 330 Tory MPs will stand unless they decide to resign. There is a very tight time frame and it’s all under control and well organised so don’t worry. Even Ken Clarke and Anna Soubry haven’t resigned.
    Andrew Turner has the Tory party machine at Westminster soundly behind him. It’s a very powerful machine! He has been Eurosceptic since he voted in the first referendum in the 70s. His political beliefs have never been ambiguous.

    And Suruk, what makes you so sure I won’t be around in two or theee decades just because of my pen-name. Anymore than your pen name means you will end up in the Tower because you wander the Island highways and byways cutting people’s heads off with your long sword? Or Billy goes round the Island building all those new housing developments and flats like Bell Meadow?

    By the way Billy, I know you honestly believe what you say, but I’m afraid your scenario just ain’t gonna happen, as there just weren’t enough of you who voted that way last June.

    • Suruk the Slayer

      21.Apr.2017 12:49pm

    • billy builder

      21.Apr.2017 12:58pm

      Oldie, last June’s vote was a travesty based on the lies and fake news perpetrated by the Leave campaign and Tory trashy press, and the reason May and the other Tory right-wing T’s won’t allow a referendum on the final deal is that they know it is a referendum that they could never win. The only reason May has called this snap election is, as demonstrated by today’s Retail Sales, because the UK economy has started to nose-dive and will continue to accelerate downward for years to come.

      There was an article in the Independent several days ago that discussed a Tory internal report suggesting that the Tories would lose every one of the seats they gained in the 2015 election from the LibDems.

      I believe that over the next seven weeks the LibDem will soar in the Polls, the biggest of which will be the local elections where they will make massive gains against both the Tory and Labour parties. The local election results for the LibDems will show the party has reached critical electioneering mass.

    • iain mckie

      21.Apr.2017 1:40pm

      I was told that the Conservatives were using this as a method of lobbing out undesirables and replacing them with loyal MEPs and some of their staffers. Dan Hannan, for example, is going to have to find a comfortable constituency, so here they could weed out some who are past it, or have been a pain.

  15. That’s all been put back now though Iain since Article 50 was triggered last month and a safe opportunity to increase the Government majority and strengthen the UK’s negotiating position good to miss. ‘Now is the time’ for a General Election.

    There will be quite a lot of weeding out caused by the forthcoming boundary changes and the MEPs will be rewarded then. The Island will indeed be having two MPs!

    I like the idea of Dan Hannan myself. He’s quite a quirky character but would probably fit in representing the Island better than he would in Scotland or Northern Ireland where his ancestral routes are. He’s put the Island on the map for sure as he’s quite likely rise in his quirky clever way just as Boris Johnson has. Eccentricity fits in well with the British temperament.
    His views on decriminalising heroin and cannabis users though could lead to problems on the Island though considering the Back o’ the Wight’s smuggling history. He would have to be careful if he explored the environs of Chale, Niton and Whitwell pr even Luccumbe on a cold starry night, as he might come across the reincarnation of One of the Monks from the Battle of Bonchurch in the form of 6’5″ Suruk the Slayer. But maybe he’ll bear that in mind.

    And then of course as the Perfidious Albion seems to have returned in the last few months, I’m sure it would all work out for the greater good of the UK.

    Meanwhile for a Conservative Eurosceptic MPs to stand down including our MP Andrew Turner ‘now is not the time!’

  16. Suruk, it’s because of Iain and people like him we have actually had a Referendum and Article 50 was triggered last month.
    The Eurosceptics of whom Andrew Turner was one,was the biggest pressure group in Westminster but they couldn’t do what they wanted till 2015 because the coalition with the Liberals prevented them.
    Theresa May was not in a safe enough position to call an election till after Article 50 was triggered last month. Now she is and she has.
    It’s actually all quite logical and well thought out from a Brexit point of view.
    Now we are free to leave the EU everyone can go back to supporting their usual party if they wish. And a lot are.

    • Suruk the Slayer

      21.Apr.2017 8:43pm

      If you look under each post you will see a “Reply” link.

      If you click that you can post under the actual message you are commenting on and your posts will be in context and might make some sense.

      It’s really not too difficult. Give it a try.

  17. For those that did not know, Andrew Turner has already been elected as our next MP. His website announces:

    ”I have represented the Isle of Wight in Parliament since 2001 and I am delighted to have been re-elected for a further term.”

    Other candidates can now relax.


  18. Luisa Hillard

    22.Apr.2017 8:33pm

    Since when was the IWCA ‘united’ in its support of Andrew Turner. We know that about half can’t stand him.

    The key phrase of this press release: “We were advised yesterday afternoon about the formal re-adoption process”… which I’m guessing means: Andrew’s the best you’ve got, suck it up!

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