‘Angle-grinders at gone midnight’ – South West trains promise noisy work will be kept to a minimum

South West Trains say the grinding and welding work has been completed now and will endeavour to keep any other noisy work to a minimum.

angle grinder being used with sparks flying

South West Trains have said they will endeavour to keep noise disturbance to a minimum after residents in the Ryde St John’s area were kept awake by the sound of angle-grinders earlier this week.

Residents were informed that essential maintenance works will be taking place overnight until the end of the year.

Angle grinders at gone midnight
On Tuesday morning, Emily Boulter shared a letter from Island Line, adding,

“Noise disturbance was recently taken to the next level, when workers used angle grinders at gone midnight, right outside the front of our houses!”

Letter from Island Line

Grinding and welding now finished
With the prospect of three months of noisy works taking place, OnTheWight approached South West Trains to find out what work taking place and why.

A spokesperson for South West trains explained,

“We have been carrying out some alterations to our metal shipping containers which has involved welding and grinding.

“As the SWR staff mainly work nights we coordinated some of the alteration work for this time too.

“This has now finished and will not start up again.”

Work won’t be carried out in yard
They went on to add,

“We have also instructed the team other works should not take place in the yard.

“It will now be done in the car park away from the yard.

“There will be some unavoidable noise like loading tools and materials into vehicles but we will endeavour to keep noise to a minimum whilst around the yard outside of the stipulated quiet hours.”

Will endeavour to keep noise to a minimum
The spokesperson finished by saying,

“We would like to apologise for the noise we have made, but with the restrictions now imposed we will endeavour to keep this to a minimum.”

Image: Karan Bhatia under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 2nd October, 2019 5:41pm


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So, they chose to disrupt people’s sleep not because it was essential, just because it was convenient…