Aria Resorts counter opposition to woodland development at Priory Bay

Aria Resorts says 1.72 hectares of new woodland would be planted, around 145 jobs to be created with “sensitive” ecological plan and “Protection of historic site the highest priority” in re-development

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Following news that over 4,000 people have signed a petition opposing the woodland development of Priory Bay Hotel, Paul shares this latest news on behalf of Aria Resorts. Ed

Aria Resorts, the owner of Priory Bay Hotel, says its plans for re-developing the area are designed to meet the highest standards of protection laid down by Isle of Wight planning officials, as well as by government advisers Natural England (full details here).

No objection by Natural England
No objections have been received from Natural England and the plans will be considered by Isle of Wight Council at a meeting on Tuesday 5th March, which will discuss the re-development of Priory Bay with a spa, restaurant and farm shop, woodland retreats and tree houses.

The investment will significantly boost the local economy and create around 145 new jobs.

1.72 hectares of new woodland
Aria Resorts will commit to plant 1.72 hectares of new woodland, amounting to between 1700 and 4300 new native trees and shrubs depending on planting densities, as part of its proposals, which were created after extensive ecological impact assessments.

The planning application includes a major upgrade to the landscaping; a Woodland Management Plan leading to the eradication of non-native species and the planting of new native species; and a Biodiversity Mitigation and Enhancement Plan.

Aria: Will “protect and preserve Priory Bay”
Aria Resorts owns Gara Rock Hotel in Salcombe, Devon, which recently re-opened after local councillors were impressed with Aria’s sustainability plans and commitment to protect one of the most beautiful coastlines in southern England.

Iain Brown, from Aria Resorts, said:

“We will protect and preserve Priory Bay, honouring its history yet re-developing the area with sensitivity so that local residents can enjoy its beauty. The plans we have submitted go above and beyond the strict criteria put in place by local planning officials and Natural England.

“Aria Resorts has a strong track record of respecting and enhancing local environments we work in and we are committed to protecting Priory Bay for future generations to enjoy.”

Image: Nat under CC BY 2.0

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Benny C
Once planning is granted they can simply apply to amend the permission and cut out these costly pledges, make more money, irrevocably destroy more of the area and the IOW Council planners are unable to understand their own system well enough to protect against it. It’s not an uncommon trick. But here the Council seem very willing to ignore the well reasoned voting residents and listen to… Read more »

Why don’t we approve the plan for RYDE and get rid of the eye sore of delapidated Harcourt Sands on the coast and save the pristine Priory Bay.