Councillors decide fate of ASDA planning application next month

If ASDA get the go ahead to build a new supermarket on St George’s Way in Newport, they say it will create 450 jobs.

ASDA and blue sky

ASDA‘s planning application to build a new supermarket in Newport will be heard by the Isle of Wight Council Planning Committee on Wednesday 2nd July.

The meeting will begin at 4pm and held in the Council Chamber at County Hall, Newport. As usual members of the public can attend the meeting to hear the proceedings.

An application put forward by owners of Newport Football Club, South Coast Leisure, offering an alternative to the ASDA application will also be heard at the same meeting.

A spokesperson for ASDA said,

“The proposal put forward by the owners of Newport Football Club will be heard at the same meeting. Our project is the only one that guarantees an ASDA on the Isle of Wight.”

If ASDA get the go-ahead, they promise 450 new jobs for Islanders.

Our thanks to Carmelle James for the headsup.

Image: dominicspics/ under CC BY 2.0

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6 Comments on "Councillors decide fate of ASDA planning application next month"

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Personally I couldn’t care less if we have another supermarket or not but …. just how long does this whole process need to take?. The football club needs to keep its nose out, it has nothing to do with them just let them get on with the process. This fiasco has dragged out long enough. Does this go on elsewhere in the country? Just GET ON WITH… Read more »

Yeahhh Bring it on , lets have ASDA here so we have more choice on where & how we shop…
Jobs for locals…
Some Locally sourced produce too…
Im sure this will be a great place to shop with easy access for everyone and reasonable prices too.
Win Win situation in my opinion.
We don’t need the greedy football club trying to get in on the act either.

Why do people want an ASDA? They’re no cheaper than the other supermarkets, the quality of their produce is in my experience lower and as a company they are NASTY. The Island does not need more zero hour contracts (which is what most of those at Asda will be) and it’s unlikely they’ll source any more local produce than the other supermarkets. Walmart, who own Asda are… Read more »
In which case, if your theory is correct, no one will shop there. I bet the place is packed out from the off.Some time back I was in B and Q. An assistant told me they were all waiting for ASDA to open so there would be a mass desertion from B and Q to go and work for ASDA. What all this has to do with… Read more »

Next month? But that’s too soon. I haven’t put in my alternative alternative application to site ASDA in my back garden yet!

Mark Francis

Since I assume that the amount people spend on groceries is fixed, jobs are not so much created at supermarkets as moved from one to another.