Bag yourself a piece of original world-class art whilst supporting Heart Research UK

We all know someone who has been affected by heart disease in some way, so this fundraiser is likely to appeal to many. Details within

Lot No 175 - Painting titled Bottomless pit showing picture of planet with well at top and bucket at bottom

National charity Heart Research UK have launched the ‘anonymous heART project’ 2020, an online fundraising campaign that will see hundreds of anonymous one-of-a-kind masterpieces created by huge names from the worlds of art and entertainment, go under eBay’s virtual hammer to raise money for life-saving research.

Robert Smith (The Cure), Ralph Steadman, Joe Lycett, and Ashley Jackson are just a few of the hundreds of international stars and artists who have created stunning original A5 pieces.

Bid on line for your favourite piece
Their pieces will be auctioned alongside over 450 others, created by a host celebrities and international artists on eBay from 6th to 15th November 2020.

You can bid on your favourite piece via the Website.

Artists remain anonymous until after auction
The twist? Though the list of artists will be available to all bidders, the artist of each individual piece will be kept anonymous, only being revealed once the auction is over.

Lot No 13 - Painting called A Big Heart

Could you bag yourself an original masterpiece for a bargain price?

All the money raised will fund Heart Research UK’s vital medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease.

Lot No 160 - Spray art of child with suitcases - untitled

Support ground-breaking medical research and get a little something back
Kate Bratt-Farrar, Chief Executive of Heart Research UK, said,

“The anonymous heART project is one of the most exciting projects Heart Research UK has ever run. The quantity and quality of the artwork that we have received from artists, designers and celebrities all over the world has been astounding.

“At Heart Research UK, we’re always looking for fun and interesting ways to raise money. The anonymous heART project allows people to support ground-breaking medical research but also get a little something back, owning their own mini-masterpiece created by an artist or celeb.

“What makes this project so special is that everyone has the chance to own a piece of iconic art; it really is making high class art available to all.

“All of the money we raise will help us continue our pioneering medical research, helping us benefit patients as soon as possible.”

News shared by Daniel Raymond on behalf of Heart Research UK. Ed

Friday, 6th November, 2020 10:44am



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Rupert Besley

Having scanned quickly through the collection on offer, I own up to feeling very honoured to be included in the mix. There’s some tremendous stuff here, well worth looking through and all in a good cause.

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Rupert Besley
Hmm, I’m not in a position, I’m afraid, to be able to answer your question – or even to know whether or not it makes any difference that the organisation I’m supporting is UK Heart Research, not the BHF that you describe. I share your concerns over the abuse of animals and have long done what I can to reduce exploitation of and suffering in animals. The… Read more »
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Benny C

Tamara, How do we help to raise the money fastest to help these organisations transform the way they work?

Rupert Besley
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