Ban from teaching after pushing pupil to the ground during altercation

The former teacher had ‘learned a lesson from the incident’ and expressed regret for his actions, but he won’t be able to teach again for some time

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A former Isle of Wight teacher has been forbidden to teach again after he assaulted a pupil, leading to “misconduct of a serious nature”.

Graeme Bell, 47, a science teacher at Cowes Enterprise College since 2006, has been prohibited from teaching indefinitely by the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) — and the decision cannot be reviewed until December 2023 at the earliest.

Following the decision last month, a professional conduct panel decided it was necessary to impose the order after Bell admitted unacceptable professional conduct after an incident with a pupil.

In July 2018, Bell attended a residential trip to Corf Camp, Shalfleet, with Year 7 pupils from Cowes Enterprise College where he was involved in a physical altercation with two pupils.

Charge for assault by beating
After the incident, Bell lost his job and was charged at the Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court for assault by beating, and given a 12-month community order to undertake 100 hours of work.

He was also ordered to pay £485 in court costs and a victim surcharge.

‘Crazily mental’
As previously reported, the court heard a fellow teacher describe Bell as going ‘crazily mental’ when he grabbed a student by the shoulders, forcibly pulling them a distance before pushing them to the ground.

A report published by the TRA panel said it was satisfied Bell had breached the Teachers’ Standards, falling ‘significantly short of the standards expected’ — not upholding public trust in the profession, not observing proper appropriate boundaries and not treating pupils with dignity.

The panel accepted Bell’s actions were not pre-meditated, but involved a ‘loss of emotional control at the point which the offence was committed’.

Remorse for actions
A witness statement read to the panel stated Bell had ‘learned a lesson from the incident’ and he expressed regret for his actions.

The prohibition order now prevents Bell from teaching in any school, sixth form college or children’s home in the country indefinitely, but the TRA said it would ‘clearly deprive the public of his contribution to the profession for the period that it is in force’.

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Thursday, 2nd January, 2020 4:50pm



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Whilst there is no defence to such actions and it is clear the Person concerned has accepted his conduct fell far below the standards demanded, I am very concerned as to why such a mature individual would be so completely driven to conduct themselves so; there is more to this than the one incident, probably involving the alleged victim and his/her cronies conduct over a period of… Read more »
As this stands, from what has been reported – “what a waste of a time served and competent teacher” Personally I would feel very disappointed if one of my grandchildren was a party to this incident. Teaching is a highly stressful job, and not so well paid, so this will only act as a further deterrent for able and willing people, likely to join the profession. Is… Read more »
Wouldn’t it be time that the Teaching Regulation Agency also looked at the support that teachers get from MATs (Multi Academy Trusts)? In general, apart from rather sanctimonious press releases it looks like very little, to my knowledge. Were there any members of the Senior Leadership Team from Cowes Enterprise College present at Corfe Camp in July 2018. at the end of a very long academic term?… Read more »

Thrown under the bus by an eloquent colleague. Crazily Mental indeed.
I know who I would rather have educating my children.

Mark L Francis

When I was at school the games teacher told the class they could all beat me up. Different times eh?
(I took out three of them before the teacher rescued the rest)

The ONLY positive I can find in this sad tale of teacher support is that the youth at the centre of this will one day learn that SOME people just want to help, whilst others are there to destroy! Throwing away a good teacher serves no good to anyone except those who wish to remain stupid for the rest of their lives. The cudos he/she earns today… Read more »
Of the eleven of my ex-university friends who went into teaching in 2011 five have been hospitalised due to pupil brutality and three have quit the professions for fear of being hospitalised. The three who have yet to be hospitalised teach in the private sector and are not anticipating a hospital visit any time soon. My sympathies lie with Graeme Bell whom I urge to seek legal… Read more »