Belgrave Road landslip: News OnTheWight shares the latest update

It’s been quite a while since we had an update from the Isle of Wight council on the status of the Belgrave Road landslip. Latest details within

Belgrave Road landslip Feb 2020

As we’re reaching the end of the summer, News OnTheWight thought it would be a good idea to ask Isle of Wight council about the status of the landslip at Belgrave Road, Ventnor.

Throughout the period since the slip at the beginning of the year, the council say they have been undertaking twice weekly site inspections. They say that in recent weeks there has been no sign of significant movement, cracking or deterioration.

An Isle of Wight Council spokesperson told News OnTheWight,

“We have been continuing to undertake twice weekly visual site inspections of Belgrave Road and Esplanade Road.

“These inspections have shown no further significant movement, cracking or deterioration in either the top, middle or lower sections of the wall above Esplanade Road in recent weeks.”

Pedestrian access reinstated 
Because of this, pedestrian access on Esplanade Road – which sits beneath Belgrave Road – has been reinstated.

The spokesperson told News OnTheWight,

“As a result of this, we have now been able to restore pedestrian access along Esplanade Road.  This access is on the far (seaward) side of the road, away from the wall area and existing pavement areas. 

“The road does though remain closed to vehicle traffic through this section.”

Looking at possible solutions
The spokesperson said that residents had been kept informed of the situation, and that an engineer is on site today to look at possible solutions.

“The design process is underway to look at possible solutions for the site and a consultant engineer will be on site today (Friday 18 September) as part of that process. 

“Residents have received regular updates on the situation as appropriate and we will continue to keep them informed as this work progresses.”

In January 2020, movement under Belgrave Road, Ventnor resulted in the partial collapse of the retaining wall.

The road was closed to traffic and pedestrians as Island Roads and Isle of Wight council investigated how to secure.

See our archives for all news reported on this issue since January.

Friday, 18th September, 2020 5:44pm



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Rhos yr Alarch

Does one detect a slight lack of urgency in this response…?


The ‘cul de sac’ signs at the far end are now no longer temporary = make your own mind up.

Any coincidence that the slip is directly below the development site where trees were removed at the top of Grove Road? Trees take up rainwater from the soil and their removal means the excess water flows down causing unstable ground where there is insufficient drainage. The process of heave and slip from tree removal might also cause the instability of ground supporting the Ocean View Road retaining… Read more »

Probably too far away to have caused the Belgrave Road collapse, but you are right to be worried about the Ocean View Road retaining wall. Only my opinion, of course!


Now it looks like Belgrave Road will never open for road traffic again can someone please tell me when island roads are going to pull the finger out of there arse tarmac the A3055 the road you use to get round blockage as this road is one of the worst on the island