Belgrave Road landslip: Pedestrian access not open, despite Isle of Wight council’s press release

Older residents, as well as those with limited mobility, have been caught out by the changes, due to a lack of signage

belgrave road srp 24 jan 2020

Residents believing the pedestrian access on Belgrave Road, Ventnor to be open – following the Isle of Wight council’s announcement last Friday – have found themselves walking the length of the road only to be met with a closure notice.

Those on foot approaching the town from the West have had to walk back up the road again and then up around the back of the Royal Hotel and down Alpine Road to access the town centre.

No signage in place
Diversions for vehicles add seconds on a journey, but for those with limited mobility the shock of finding the access closed again so soon after reopening has not been welcomed.

Older residents on foot are among those who have been caught out due to no signs being placed at the Western end of the road, advising of the closure.

OnTheWight has reported this to the council, to try to bring this to an end.

Belgrave Road landslip - netting over top of road

Likely to be closed for the week
OnTheWight got in touch with the Isle of Wight council to find out what had changed. A spokesperson told OnTheWight,

“SGN has closed the footway temporarily for further gas connection work. We understand that they are aiming to complete their engineering and reinstatement works by the end of this week, so that the footway can reopen.”

Belgrave Road landslip - netting over top of road

Tuesday, 4th February, 2020 6:59pm



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Benny C

Dinosaur Dave Stewart presides over incompetent Operational infrastructure activities yet again. Get a grip Dave , please, try to be good at your job. Managing your team to handle this sensitively and accurately as a custodian of safety, standards and service is basic stuff and is , simply put, the service we want and expect from you. Silence is certainly not a virtue in your position.


So are there any signs in place yet – if not, why not?
Luckily I had only got part way along before somebody warned me . . .

It is this casual indifference that really gets up peoples’ noses!


It seems there has been movement at the Undercliff again with Island roads undertaken investigation in measuring changes. How about that Cllr Stewart or are we hiding this from the public.


Yes, I overheard the Island Road workers down there talking about how it is still moving, as of Thursday.