Another Isle of Wight parish council takes on public toilets

After agreeing to take over the public toilets from IWC, the parish council is also doing a lot of maintenance work to them to bring them up to the standard they expect.

Bembridge public toilets

Emma Goldring shares this latest news from Bembridge parish council – Ed

Bembridge Parish Council agreed at its Full Council meeting on 15th March 2016 to take on a lease of the Lane End toilet block and a lease of the disabled toilet within the lifeboat shop building.

The service will run on a tenancy at will from 1st April whilst the terms of both leases are negotiated with the Isle of Wight Council.

Seek to remove Radar
Bembridge Parish Council will seek to remove the radar key element of the disabled toilet as the block is only accessible by steps and also seek a break clause on the block in the event that the permitted use was non-operational due to events such as flooding.

Extensive revamp
Bembridge Parish Council will replace all 3 doors and frames, redecorate the insides, deep clean and also seek to install an Aco drain system on the surface outside due to poor surface
water run-off.

“No choice”
Cllr Mike Tarrant Chairman of Bembridge Parish Council stated

“It is with great displeasure that we have no choice to take on the substandard toilets and the lack of support we have received from RNLI head office. However we do so as we realise this is an invaluable service to our residents and visitors”

Wednesday, 16th March, 2016 11:29am



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1 people paid for the toilets in there council tax to iwc 2 people paid for the toilets in there town council precept 3 do the parish councils get any money from the iwc ??? 4 are we paying twice ?? 5 IF ALL TOWN AND PARISH COUNCILS STUCK TOGETHER AND SAID NO THE IWC WOULD HAVE TO THINK AGAIN 6 WHERE HAS OUR MONEY GONE THAT… Read more »
retired hack
Shadow: A few simple facts answer all your questions, and they are these: 1. The IWC, and all other principal authorities, have historically been funded largely by central government grants (this used to be called the Rate Support Grant), and only partly by Council Tax. 2. Central government grants have been repeatedly and heavily cut by this government, and the last (Coalition) one; while at the same… Read more »
Luisa Hillard
Shadow, you have made the same (but incorrect) assumption as myself in the past that there is some kind of ‘double taxation’ going on. That’s because we think that our Council Tax is enough to pay for all services. It isn’t. Our Council Tax is enough to pay for Adult Social Care and some of Children’s Services… and that’s about it. Everything else has to be funded… Read more »
Black Dog
Well done to Bembridge Parish Council, who clearly appreciate the need for public toilets to encourage and maintain tourism in their village. The IoW council intend passing over the toilets that appear to be “not fit for purpose”. Given that if the sale of these toilets would go to capital receipts, why is it that Bembridge has to pay to make these toilets usable and safe. The… Read more »
Perhaps the LGA should use political judo by encouraging 16 or so local councils facing penury to resign en bloc, causing by-elections and throwing the funding problem directly back to government administrators.. Timing such an action could be advantageous since the deep embarrassment caused the government, internationally and locally, would no doubt affect the outcomes of the E Referendum, the PCC elections, the mayoral elections and government… Read more »