Big Blue Extreme Sports Festival: This September

A new extreme sports festival comes to the Island

When White Air Extreme Sports Festival left the Isle of Wight for Brighton last year, there were a lot of very unhappy people.

Big Blue Extreme Sports Festival: This SeptemberIf you were one of those, then news of a new festival should brighten your day today.

A new Extreme Sports Festival is going to be filling the void left behind from White Air this coming September.

The Big Blue Extreme Sports Festival takes place over 17th – 19th September on the very same site of the White Air Festival in Yaverland.

Over eleven years, White Air Extreme Sports Festival had certainly set the standard and Big Blue is stepping up to the challenge.

Extreme action on and off the water
The Big Blue Festival will feature Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Stand Up Surfing, Thundercats, Surf Kayak Racing and Jet Ski Freestyle. Off the water, Skate, BMX, Mountain Boarding and Mountain Biking, FMX and Parkour will all be featured in the festival park.

Try your hand .. or feet
The classic ‘have a go’ activities return with the opportunity for us all to try out Mountain Boarding, join in the Skate clinics, or get springy with Parkour.

Thrill seekers can try out the Thundercat Powerboats, or learn the basics of Kitesurfing, Paddle Surfing, Windsurfing and Surfing.

The Graffitti workshop returns as well as the ever popular climbing wall.

Please don’t stop the music
They won’t be, we hear that the successful live music stage will be returning and organisers will be opening a music competition, giving 11 acts the opportunity to perform live to the huge crowds of festival goers. More details in due course.

If all of the above wasn’t enough to get you excited, check out this promo video for the event

Wednesday, 26th May, 2010 8:36am



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intentionally blank

so how long before the first complaints start coming in?
If i remember rightly whiteair was complained about because they wanted live music til the early hours. I assume some compromise has been reached for the new festival to keep everyone happy? well… apart from the professional moaners that live on the island.

hoist by his own petard
Great news, I’ll be there to watch. Although I’m far too old and fragile to try any of these things, I admire the skills involved, and envy those who have the guts to do them. I would hope that the moaners can put up with a bit of discomfort for three days, particularly when an event helps to promote the island. Having said that, I would also… Read more »
The problem is its a little more than three days.You have the IOW festival,Bestival,the Osbourne House whatever,Carisbrooke Madness.Cowes Week,Garlic Fest,Scooters,Carnivals etc.The list just goes on.These events do play havoc if you need to get somewhere or catch a ferry.By the end of Sept. the average resident on the island has probably had enough!Hence a bit of moaning. Last year during the Bestival I had a couple of… Read more »
hoist by his own petard
Point taken about the number of events across the whole island, Wabbit. Maybe we should all move off-island for the season! I was thinking about the local problems. Living in Ryde, we have the scooters, which, personally, I can’t stand. However, I’m prepared to put up with the noise and congestion for a few days each year for the greater good: the money it brings in, and… Read more »

i hope its a big succsess and the oldies in yaverland dont start moaning as usual, do they ever stop moaning!!!


I can’t ever see that happening, until all the NIMBY’s living on the Island are given a one way ticket to the mainland.

Enid Blyton strikes yet again. We advertise on the Isle of Wight that we have perfect beaches, etc, etc, Joe Grockle comes down from the smoke, has a lovely holiday in the 1950’s and decides when he retires he will live on the Isle of Wight. So it would seem that your average NIMBY is unlikely to be a true Islander. True Islanders will see the benefit… Read more »
hoist by his own petard

Thanks, Wabbit, it looks like I’m becoming a true Islander about 300 years early!

Now to sign off so I don’t see the pile of rude responses from others!!