BoRo Beach Bike launching on Isle of Wight

The party bike comes to the Isle of Wight – although now modelled on a beach hut- the BoRo beach bike will offer tours along Ryde seafront from 22nd July.

BoRo Beach Bike Artist Impression

We first saw these many years ago on mainland Europe, then marketed as the Beer Bike or party bike, the Isle of Wight version appears to be much more family-focused. Lorraine shares the details. Ed

A unique 17-seater bike experience with an eco-friendly heart will roll into Ryde this summer. Set to brighten Britain’s beaches, the world’s first BoRo Beach Bike will be launched on the Isle of Wight in July.

Modelled on a quintessentially English beach hut – complete with surfboards and striped decor – passengers will be able to enjoy a wide range of activities onboard, such as chess, afternoon tea, speed dating and networking, while pedalling along the Island’s stunning

How it works
Riders sit face-to-face across a table and travel sideways. They pedal hands free, allowing them to sip drinks, play games, write, draw and shake hands.

Each bike will have space for ten pedallers, of all fitness levels, plus five seats for non-pedallers, such as children or passengers who are unable to cycle, plus two seats next to the driver for children.

A second bike is set to arrive in Cowes in the autumn.

Brainchild of Dominic Wong
The bikes are the brainchild of award-winning marketing expert Dominic Wong, whose experience includes Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter and Merlin Entertainments.

Founder and CEO Dominic Wong Isle of Wight low res

He said,

“The BoRo Beach Bike is about getting active, getting together and getting out there.

“It’s a chance for friends, work colleagues or perfect strangers to chat, brainstorm, or get to know each other, while exploring the Isle of Wight’s spectacular coastlines.”

Tours from Ryde Pier Head to to Appley and Puckpool parks start on 22nd July, with ticket prices ranging from £5 to £12.50 per person.

Thursday, 14th June, 2018 6:59am



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Email updates?

File alongside Twizy..


Sounds like a perfect lead balloon to me….


There are several potential developments/modifications/improvements to this design, if anyone’s interested in an Island-basd business venture?


This is exactly what we need on the Cowes-Newport cycleway as an alternative to extortionate bus fares. Mind you, I can’t see how they can justify £12.50 to work your passage Ryde-Puckpool.

Simon Perry

I really like your idea of using it on the Cowes-Newport cycleway. What a great way of making cycle commuting a social event.


It’s far too big for that route for a start!


There you go, greatergood. You’ve already recognised a potential improvement – now someone needs to build one.


It would need to be along the lines of a tandem but with more seats and pedals the boro will not fit through the bollards on the bridge along there for a start, besides more people just need to get on their own bikes first to be fit enough the ride to Cowes from Newport (or the other way round!)


Well, gg, I’ve done some sums and it’s technically a goer.
Perhaps anybody seriously interested in a venture would indicate on here and we could ask Sally/Simon to put us in touch? Or maybe see you at tonight’s Green Party meeting?


Good luck electrickery, you’ll need it!
The potential good and small financial gain is never going to be worth it, I can assure you.


Thanks, gg. I find your condemnation very reassuring.


I’ve just thought this through a little. Does the driver pedal as well? What happens when one wheel sinks into an Isle of Wight-sized pot-hole – do all the pedallers on one side get thrown out? What chance motion sickness if you have to travel sideways while unavoidably facing to your front? Will there be a passenger weight limit? Luggage?


So sad, a new idea to try and so much negativity. I hope people don’t have this much negative attitude towards their kids. Let’s see much more positive encouragement. Eh?


Yeah negative because when me and the children ride along the cycleways, we will have to pull over to let this great big thing through if the suggestion for use on the cowes to Newport ever came to fruition!
I can’t encourage something that is purely designed as a cash cow!


Who said anything about cash?


So you are going to fund this for free?
If not you’ll need to charge a fare, that is where it gets tricky and expensive!


Clearly gg is not familiar with social enterprise, let alone altruism.
Am I surprised?


Does anyone really care what you think?
I doubt it.