‘Brexit is not a done deal!’ say Islanders for Europe

Members of the Islanders for Europe group will be in Ryde town centre this Saturday from 11am where you can have your say, take part in opinion polls, and to plan for the next steps to come.

islanders for europe - stall at pride

Islanders for Europe share details of their European stall this Saturday. Ed

With 40 days to go until Brexit, Islanders for Europe will be holding conversations about the European Union at their Street Stall in Ryde this weekend.

There will be opportunities to have your say, take part in opinion polls, and to plan for the next steps to come.

Koppany: Brexit is not a done deal
Organiser, Glenn Koppany, said,

“With dozens more residents coming regularly to our meetings, we know there are many more conversations to be had and new friends still to meet.

“The campaign for a People’s Vote and whether to accept the proposed Deal mean everything is on the table, and we hope to listen to the concerns of fellow Islanders.

“Brexit is not a done deal!”

The stall will be in Ryde town centre on Saturday 16th February, from 11am.

More details at the Islanders for Europe Facebook page.

Tuesday, 12th February, 2019 6:15pm


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Email updates?
Mark L Francis

But “The People” voted for unicorns and all they got was a pony with a cardboard kitchen paper tube sellotaped to its head!
Where was the shiny red, white and blue Brexit Mrs May promised us?
Is somebody hiding it?


No leave voter has ever been able to tell me what they have won.

I can help.

Ford is stepping up preparations to move car production out of the UK in the event of a no deal Brexit. They employ 13,000 workers.

Well done.

And still the lies and denial continue.


How is taking back control working out for you Brexiteers? Has a single company moved into the UK rather than an EU country recently?

Oh dear. Oh dear dear. ‘The EU produces nothing, it sells nothing, it makes not one penny profit. It is a government without a country.’ Have we come to the point in humanity when producing and selling and making profit is the most important thing in life? The UK government, for what it’s worth, ‘makes nothing, sells nothing, makes no profit’. That’s not what government is about.… Read more »
Who remembers when the Soviet Union collapsed all of a sudden on Christmas Day 1991? The similarity of atmosphere in Mainland Europe with everything about to implode is so reminiscent of then! I’m not the only one who feels the Euro could collapse at anytime in the next year with Italy officially in recession and now Germany too! So glad we managed to keep sterling; how did… Read more »

EU Referendum votes:
By constituency: 406 Leave ~ 242 remain

By voting area: 263 Leave ~ 119 remain

By party: Labour 148 Leave ~ 84 remain.
Tory 247 leave ~ 80 remain

By MP: 248 Leave ~ 400 Remain
MP’s are the problem.
Elected to serve, but only serving
themselves & the rancid EU.

Billy Builder
Total Electorate for referendum: 46,500,001 Total voting to leave: 17,410,742 Percentage voting to leave: 37.4% Percentage not voting to leave: 62.6% There have been about 1.8 million births and 1.4 million deaths since 23rd June 2016. Assuming that about 67% older people voted leave and 67% younger people voted remain, purely of voter churn the leave camp will have lost something like 0.95 voters whereas the remain… Read more »

The EU produces nothing, it sells nothing, it makes not one penny profit. It is a government without a country. It taxes us, it spends and enjoys the fruits of our labour. In the end it is worthless, a PARASITE


So, how can any opinion poll held in a stall in Ryde have any credence? The only people who will go to this stall will be those who agree with their policies. What part of the original referendum do these headline seekers not understand?

Billy Builder
Points to note. 1. In the 2016 referendum Vote Leave and others lied and distorted information to a very large degree. Those lies and distortions have since been exposed 2. Leave won with 37% of the electorate voting for leaving the EU, of which approximately 2% have subsequently passed away with 2% or so young predominantly Remain voters joining the register, so the referendum result is know-longer… Read more »
The reason NOT to remain is because ever since 1973 EVERY Prime Minister the country has had, has continued and reinforced the LIES that were created to make joining the EEC appear viable. Ted Heath and Harold Wilson both hid the TRUTH. Had they said at the time, by joining the EEC the United Kingdom will in time forfeit all sovereignty, law making, control of its own… Read more »