Broken prow hinge takes the Cowes Floating Bridge out of service

A passenger launch is in operation, but vehicles need to divert via Newport.

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The Cowes Floating Bridge is out of service this morning (Tuesday 10th September).

Isle of Wight councillor for East Cowes, Karl Love, tells OnTheWight it’s due to a broken west prow hinge.

The council say it’s “due to mechanical failure”.

Ignore the official Website
The IWC’s dedicated Floating Bridge Website states the service is operating as normal.

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St Mary’s roundabout concerns
Concerns have been raised as to what would happen if the bridge goes out of service once major roadworks begin on St Mary’s roundabout. The council are encouraging drivers to use the bridge rather than get stuck in the roadworks.

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Tuesday, 10th September, 2019 7:38am



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Benny C

Useless as usual. Cllr Ian Ward’s team stumble on, poorly led, giving terrible, embarrassing service. Dinosaur Dave Stewart is too weak to dismiss his pal or bring some discipline to the team of culprit officers and hence we all suffer and pay for their failings. Vote them out.


Whilst the regime in power at County Hall deserves criticism on many things, honestly I don’t think it’s fair to blame prow hinges on them.

If the failure is due to poor specification – if – then that was on the indy’s watch.

Phil Jordan
The thing is, no Independent councillor was ever involved in the operational specification, commissioning and build of the Fb. And neither should they have been. There were (and I assume are now) no councillors with sufficient experience and knowledge to be involved in such operational detail required to build a vessel of this nature. Indeed, the whole process was overseen by a Project Board that DID include… Read more »
And once again our local representatives past and present all fall over themselves shouting ‘It weren’t me guv.. it were them… honest’ What bit was decided by what group is surely no longer that important.. the major issue is that no one is willing to make the decision to either get a full ‘in depth’ inspection (to include hinges etc.)and make lasting or permanent repairs and modifications,… Read more »
Steve Goodman
The last FB (and all the previous ones for a century and a half) worked, and provided a more reliable service than this expensive floaty failure. We now know that “the PM has made no secret of his support for infrastructure projects that increase connectivity for people” (Government spokesperson to Channel 4 news on the PM’s instruction to explore the possibility of building a fixed link celtic… Read more »