Budget Detail On VentnorBlog Tomorrow

Tune in to VentnorBlog tomorrow for the details.

We’ve all been prepped, since before the election, to expect that tomorrow’s budget will have some significant cuts held within it. It’s widely thought that these cuts will have some serious ramifications and impact on most people’s lives.

Budget Detail On VentnorBlog TomorrowWhile some newspapers are claiming to have information leaked to them, the absolute detail will not be known until the Chancellor, George Osborne, announces it in the House of Commons.

HM Treasury calling
We’re pleased that HM Treasury has been in touch with VentnorBlog after Will Perrin’s suggestion. Rather than just rely on ‘traditional’ media, they want to innovate and extend their reach to distribute the information as widely as possible.

They want VB to help Island readers understand the details as soon as it’s been announced.

The news might not be pretty tomorrow, but at least, if you read VentnorBlog, you’ll have the details as soon as possible.

Monday, 21st June, 2010 10:43am


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