After cross-training as a journalist 10+ years ago, Simon has been living and breathing news ever since. He would love to see more of the beautiful Island he lives on, but spends far too much time relaying the news of the Isle of Wight to the Islanders.

OnTheWight: Comment voting is back!

Upgrade to OnTheWight comments

Hurrah! Your ability to vote on readers' comments has returned to OnTheWight. You've cast nearly a MILLION votes over the years, so we've invested 45+ hours to find the right solution for today.

Monday, 16th October, 2017 1:04pm

By Simon Perry with 4 readers' comments

Dinosaur Isle’s future uncertain as Isle of Wight council explores options

Dinosaur Isle

The council are actively pitching around for 'partners' to take it over. What's unclear is why this is happening when the Friends of Dinosaur Isle have been trying to take it off the council's hands for eight years.

Thursday, 12th October, 2017 6:52pm

By Simon Perry with 12 readers' comments

St. Mary’s Hospital car parking and road changes: FAQ

St mary's hospital

If you had any questions about the changes to St Mary's hospital parking, or the changes to road layout on their site (like the 'rat runs'), you could well find an answer here.

Monday, 25th September, 2017 5:04pm

By Simon Perry with 5 readers' comments

Shambles: Isle of Wight council clueless on number of Floating Bridge phone complaints

call centre - playmobile

Just when you thought the Isle of Wight council had reached the peak of their incompetency with the Floating Bridge fiasco, an OnTheWight investigation reveals IWC have no idea how many people have been phoning them to complain about it.

Wednesday, 20th September, 2017 6:56pm

By Simon Perry with 10 readers' comments

Ryde ice rink: AEW tell MP the kids can’t use it

Link the Rink by Andrew Nordbruch

There'll be wide disappointment the Ryde Ice Rink won't be coming back into use while the future of the arena is decided.

Tuesday, 22nd August, 2017 6:13pm

By Simon Perry with 2 readers' comments

Island Line handed over to South Western Railway at 2am: New Logo too

New Island Line logo

It's official. Island Line has now been taken over by a new company. Free WiFi at Island Line stations are among the promised improvements. There's a new logo too.

Sunday, 20th August, 2017 12:49pm

By Simon Perry with 2 readers' comments

Reassuring children after terrorist acts: Advice to parents

teenager mobile phone

Have you been wondering how to reassure your children at this time? OnTheWight has the advice from the UK children's charity, NSPCC, as guidance.

Friday, 18th August, 2017 2:42pm

By Simon Perry

Big tree branch down: Blocks road and envelops car (HD photos)

Trinity Road Ventnor - Tree Down - Aug 2017

HD photos show quite how lucky a car was after a major branch of a large tree fell and blocked a road today.

Thursday, 3rd August, 2017 12:08pm

By Simon Perry

Ryde School planning application has just been rejected (Update 4)

ryde schol boarding plans

The application by Ryde school to build a new accommodation building has just been voted on by the Isle of Wight council planning committee.

Tuesday, 1st August, 2017 5:18pm

By Simon Perry with 6 readers' comments

Britain’s Got Talent’s auditions are coming close to Isle of Wight

Britain's got talent queues:

Britain’s Got Talent are auditioning in August. Here's where you can audition near to the Isle of Wight.

Monday, 31st July, 2017 2:50pm

By Simon Perry

Isle of Wight MP states: Ferry companies prioritised shareholders over needs of Islanders (updated)

bob seely

The new Isle of Wight MP states that today's TITF report "provides evidence that the firms’ shareholders have been prioritised over the needs of Islanders."

Wednesday, 26th July, 2017 11:28am

By Simon Perry with 11 readers' comments

Ventnor Men in Sheds new shop home: Official opening

Men in Sheds Ventnor Shop front

Men in Sheds become Men in Shops. Join the Ventnor branch for the official opening of their new shop home. If you're not tempted by the 3D printer, the rumors of bacon rolls are likely to get you.

Friday, 21st July, 2017 7:31pm

By Simon Perry