Cabinet to consider child protection action plan

Report and action plan follows the damning Ofsted report on Child Protection on the Isle of Wight.

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The Isle of Wight Cabinet will meet next week to hear an update on the action plan following Ofsted’s rating of ‘inadequate’ child protection on the Island.

Paperwork released yesterday states that the report “provides assurance on progress in relation to the actions identified as being required in the recent Ofsted Inspection of local authority arrangements for the protection of children on the Isle of Wight.”

The Cabinet will be asked to consider the contents of the report and approve the progress to date or recommend consideration of further or alternative action as appropriate.

The report is embedded below for your convenience.

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Tuesday, 5th March, 2013 11:45am



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  1. Billy Builder

    5.Mar.2013 12:20pm

    Whilst I hesitate to suggest that action regarding Child Safeguarding should be delayed or put off in any way, I do not believe that this Council has either the competence or moral mandate to make changes of this significance so close to an election. As the failing identified within the Ofsted report are entirely the making of the current Council incumbents at both Member and Senior Officer level, it is somewhat perverse that they should now believe that they are qualified to advise or act on this issue.

    Decisions in this area must be left for the new administration in May. In the interim staff should be seconded from other councils or short term interim staff recruited to back-fill missing posts.

    Let the electorate decide what services the IOW Council should and should not provide, not the current failed leadership.

    • mole4wight

      5.Mar.2013 2:31pm

      Buried away in all of this is the outsourcing of all management responsibilty for children’s services on the island. The costs are huge. In addition £188k for two interims for 6 months! I seem to remember the council had its own Director of Children’s Services and dedicated Head of Schools and a team of advisers, but Beynon sacked them all to save money and bolster his ego. This man , with the aid of Pugh has destroyed services on this island based on his own deluded ideals. Let’s hope that when the two suspended officers get to court they are able to tell us all about it. At least we can then hope it never is allowed to happen again

      • With luck, we’ll not only see all the dirty washing, we’ll also get some prosecutions of individuals that have defamed these two officers. It might even lead to Pugh, Beynon and co stating at her majesties pleasure on the Island, bolstering guest numbers, or is that just wishful thinking.

  2. Island Monkey

    5.Mar.2013 12:34pm

    I thought they had already made a decision?

    Which was admitting that they lacked competence and transferred responsibility to Hampshire County Council.

    I thought at the time this was welcome news. As it will be when they hand over our schools.

  3. Having just read through this so called committee report from the council i can not believe the front of pugh and his cronies.They have or want to set a improvement board with most of the people who are responsible for this fiasco.The chief exec(failed)Director of children’s services(failed)lead councilor for children’s services(failed).How can we trust these people to carry out this work or will they just blame every body else.It also states that there will need to be robust management?none seen so far in the past few years from this bunch.Then we come on to handing over children’s services to Hampshire for 3 to 5 years.Great idear while where at it why don’t we just hand over the island to Hampshire then we wont have to worry about all the other things that are wrong failed schools poor roads sorry i forgot PFI closed facilities sold of buildings the list goes on.Ithink there should be no decisions made until after the election in may

    • David Rann

      6.Mar.2013 9:21am

      Enough is enough. When is the penny going to drop with the electorate that this charade by mealy-mouthed, sheep-like politicians are only in this for themselves and their masters and their friends?
      This administration came in with a lot of ‘noise and light’ by spending over a £1M on Undercliffe and will be going out in a similar manner after the Kent/Hampshire/Ofsted/Cowes Enterprise/AET/PFI episodes!

      The paper,loosely entitled updating on the recent Ofsted inspection is no more than a cover-up job, for both officers far to close to members and members far to close to their own importance. Should this come to pass and receive cabinet or full council sign off before the May election, then certain individuals (officers and members of this councl)are clearly not acting in the overall best interests (as public servants) of the Island and therefore following a different agenda. What that agenda is must be exposed before it is to late.

  4. Black Dog

    5.Mar.2013 6:55pm

    Blah, Blah, Blah.

    The failings within this very important department have not happened overnight. Councillors Pugh and Brown together with CEO Beynon and Ian Anderson have been sleep walking the most vulnerable in our society into this untenable position.

    Handing over control to Hampshire will not magically resolve all our problems over night. All this allows, the above mentioned Councillors, Directors and Officers to behave like PILATE who publicly washed his hands to show that he was not responsible. RING ANY BELLS?

    Shame on all of you I just hope that you can live with your consciences. One thing is certain you will be held to account and as the old saying – what goes around comes around

  5. wightywight

    5.Mar.2013 7:42pm

    They might consider the shame in their actions…….they won’t however!
    That’s because on top of the dreadful performance they have achieved, the knee jerk management in handing it over to Hampshire….! the failings and the pushing onto swords of lower management…..they won’t have a conscience over this because….. they actually don’t realise they have failed!
    They cannot see their own actions have resulted in this situation and they cannot therefore accept responsibility. It is always someone else to blame….. Pugh in the Chamber a week ago described the child protection issue as a “wake up call”………
    It seems that these people were so engrossed in other things they completely missed the fact there were problems. Another reason why they cannot see what they have done wrong.
    It wasn’t me, guv. Honestly.


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